Find out more about the team behind Ideal Grind

Ideal Grind is made up primarily of 4 coffee guzzling enthusiasts who just can’t get enough of their favourite drink. Each member of the team works remotely but between them they drink enough coffee each month to fill an olympic sized swimming pool.


Whether or not that is healthy we aren’t to judge, but what it does mean is that the team is perfectly qualified to bring you their researched opinions on the latest coffee blends, beans,  machines and accessories.


When it comes to qualifications, two of our team have City and Guides and in-house barista training whereas the other two are proud to say they have developed all their knowledge from simply drinking loads of coffee.


Between us, we have a great understanding of the whole coffee scene as well as a good level of technical knowledge when it comes to coffee machines, grinders, bean to cup machines and so on.


We are always on the lookout for contributions from our readers so if you have a specific bean that you have discovered or a new brand that is a bit niche, please get in touch and let us know and we’d be happy to review it.

Meet The Team

Jack Simpson – Lead Editor and Self Proclaimed Coffee Connoisseur

Jack’s love of coffee stems back to his university days where he often used to pull all nighters to hit his deadlines. Although he is now much better at managing his time he still fuels himself with plenty of coffee – albeit coffee of a much better quality.


When Jack is not writing or editing the latest coffee related news he can be found reading in ‘the nook’ or out on a golf course.

Sam Fisher – Lead Reviewer and Part Time Party Animal

Sam has been drinking coffee since her mid-teens and has developed a particular fondness for coffee machines. She loves mixing tech with convenience and is often the person behind our product reviews. 


She doesn’t party quite so hard these days but still enjoys a night out when she can pass off the childcare commitments to her husband – and yes, you guessed it… she is often found recovering over a double espresso come the morning.

Rob Garner – Senior Writer and Editor (and former coffee shop mogul)

Rob is one of our top writers and he also takes on an editorial role when required. He is not only a qualified barista but he use to own his own coffee shop before giving it all up for writing.


He hates the term computer whizz, but he is one and is usually the person we turn to when things go wrong tech-wise.

Kelly Cullum – Writer and Animal Lover

Kelly has one passion in life that is greater than coffee and that’s her Yorkshire Terrier ‘poodles’. She is the brains behind a lot of the content you find on Ideal Grind and she is always on the lookout for the latest coffee related gadget.


Kelly admittedly has a slightly unhealthy obsession with cappuccinos and her motto is ‘the milkier the better’… but please don’t judge her for this.


Emma Challoner-Miles – Writer, Coffee Lover and Educator

Emma Challoner-Miles is a busy wife, mum, teaching assistant, freelance writer and avid coffee drinker.


When she isn’t consumed with her usual daily activities she can be found walking Roy – her adorable but somewhat erratic Border Collie.


Emma is a welcome addition to the Ideal Grind team.

Ideal Grind
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