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As coffee consumers, we are getting more and more spoiled by the range of coffee, the ways to make coffee in our home and now the range in which we buy coffee. We are truly living through the golden age of coffee, and quite honestly, I’m absolutely loving it.

Subscription coffee services are one of the latest new trends – we can now have fresh coffee delivered to our homes, and receive more exactly when we need it. No fuss, no hassle, no worry, and no chance of running out of great coffee!

Presto Coffee are one of the biggest subscription coffee services in the UK. They have been going since 2018 and have quickly built up a reputation for selling premium small-batch roasted coffee. Their subscription service offers customers the opportunity to pick their favourite type of coffee, and how often they would like to receive a fresh pack. You get complete control over your plan, being able to alter, pause or cancel at any time – you don’t need to sign up for a certain amount of time.

It’s a wonderful service, but not just because of the convenience – their coffee is really good. I have had a subscription to Presto for a while now, and I have to say that every single coffee I have tried has been delicious. They really know what they’re doing when it comes to selecting beans and roasting them and so I couldn’t wait to write this Presto coffee review.

So what do they offer? Let’s take a look at the Presto Coffee range as I am confident that you will find something that you will love in our Presto Coffee review.

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Presto Coffee Beans

Let’s kick things off with a quick look at their flagship products – their range of whole coffee beans. At the time of writing, they have 6 different options when it comes to packs of whole beans, but their range is constantly being updated with new and different options. The current options include:

presto coffee roastHouse Espresso: This is a wonderful ‘base’ coffee – something that will please most people and great to have in if you are entertaining. With hints of dark chocolate and almonds, this is a fantastically smooth, yet rich drink. Although it has espresso in the name, we tried it with a filter coffee machine and it produced a great drink, so this is a versatile product – just be sure to alter the grain size when you are grinding.

Brazilian Blend: This medium roast blend is another fantastic option. There is a bit more depth to the flavour of this coffee, in comparison to the House Espresso, and you really get a sense of the rich chocolate and caramel. It is so wonderfully smooth, with no bitterness at all in the aftertaste, that I think you will find yourself going back again and again for more.

Crema Espresso: Another blend now – this offering is made up from 50% Arabica beans from Brazil and Ethiopia and 50% Robusta from India and Vietnam. As you might expect from the name, you get a fantastic crema from this dark roast. It is wonderful when you use it in a milky coffee, like a latte. You’ll find that you get a very pleasant taste of citrusy orange with the hints of almond and cocoa.

Rocket Roast: This one will put a spring in your step! This very dark roast has more than double the amount of caffeine that you will find in a normal cup of coffee, but what was surprising was the fact that there is very little bitterness or acidity to the taste. What you will find is subtle notes of dark chocolate and some cranberry. I found this worked really well in a filter machine, producing a full bodied, strong coffee. Made from 100% Robusta beans from Vietnam, if you enjoy strong coffee, then this could be the one for you.

Carbon – Santa Bárbara Signature Espresso: Something a little bit different now, with this medium roast – a blend of beans grown in santa barbara signature coffeehigh altitude regions of Santa Bárbara, Honduras and Mogiana. The result is a delightfully soft, well rounded coffee, which gives you notes of fresh fruit, as well as dark chocolate and roasted pecans. It’s a great coffee for making espressos, particularly with milk, and it continues to grow Presto’s fine reputation for their excellent work with regards sustainability. More on that later…

Decaf Roast: We finish this brief tour of Presto’s coffee beans with a look at their decaf option, the Decaf Roast. It’s another crowd pleaser – the taste is delicate and smooth, with no bitterness, just a crisp finish. The beans are 100% Arabica, and like the House Blend, they are grown in Mogiana, Brazil. You get a taste profile that includes honey peanut, dark cocoa and almonds. If you drink decaf coffee, this is an excellent option for you.

At this point I should point out that all of these beans are available either as part of a subscription service, or just to buy as a one off. As you would expect, if you sign up to the subscription, you do receive a discount, which currently stands at 15%.

They’re also all available as packs of ground coffee. Obviously, this gives you less flexibility as when you grind the beans yourself (assuming you have more than one way to make coffee at home), and you will have lost a little bit of freshness. They come recommended for use with V60, Aeropress, French drip and stovetop coffee makers, so a medium grind. A decent option if you don’t have a grinder at home.

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Presto Coffee Bags

coffee bag and drinkCoffee bags are one of those things that I can’t believe haven’t been more common for a long time. They were invented as far back as 1908, but it has only been recently that we’ve seen them widely available. Presto, of course, are at the forefront of this new wave, and again have a few different options here. All are 100% recyclable or compostable.

Smooth Italian: These have grounds from single origin Arabica beans, which create a wonderfully smooth (as you may have guessed) drink, with light sweet hazelnut and fruit flavours. A medium roast, these are a great easy-drinker that will suit most tastes.

Intense Coffee Bags: Similar to the Rocket Roast above, these bags offer you a little bit extra! As ‘Max Strength’ these give you a really strong and full bodied cup of coffee, with tasting notes of caramelised toffee and chocolate, and a smoky finish. These are not for the faint hearted, but if you enjoy strong coffee, I think you will love these.

Decaf Coffee Bags: The Decaf Roast beans from above are ground up and bagged here. You get the same tasting notes, obviously, (fruit and nut) and you get the same smooth taste. As these are so simple to make, they are the perfect option if you are going away somewhere and don’t want to miss out on great coffee.

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Presto Instant Coffee

For a long time, this section wouldn’t even be a consideration for me, but companies like Presto are working hard to change the way people think about instant coffee. Their Barista Quality Instant Coffee even made it on to our list of Best Instant Coffees and for good reason.

couple enjoying presto instant coffeeThis gives you a really rich and full-bodied drink, with a deep and flavoursome taste that I didn’t used to associate with instant coffee. The hints of almost and dark cocoa hit you before the delightfully smooth finish – you would never think that this wasn’t a freshly made coffee. The perfect option when you are in a rush but still need a great attesting coffee.


I fear that I may have shown my hand already here, but I am a big fan of Presto. The whole company is geared towards making the world a better place, and their coffee is only the beginning.

They work with their farmers to develop deep-rooted relationships, handpicking the best beans from people that love doing what they do. In terms of sustainability, they source their beans ethically (as part of the RainForest Alliance) and use environmentally friendly packaging.

In terms of customer service, they are up there with the best. First of all, the flexibility of your subscription is fantastic, and reassuring – you can add more coffee, reduce your order, change the frequency of your order, or pause/cancel the subscription at any time via the website. Delivery is reliable, as they use Royal Mail and DPD to make sure the coffee gets to you as quickly as possible. They’ll even offer a full refund if you change your mind about an order.

Most importantly though is that they’re coffee is really good. Their small batch, weekly roasts mean that you always get really fresh coffee, and the range of options that you have is really fantastic – truly something for every coffee drinker. If you are looking at a subscription coffee service, you could do a lot worse than starting with Presto, and with the option to cancel at any time, I can’t see there being a downside at all.

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