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You can swing by a coffee shop and pick up your favourite beverage, but why pay when you can make your own at home? Nowadays you can brew your coffee in several ways, so there’s no need to settle for instant. The AeroPress, designed by Alan Adler, is a manual coffee maker that’s become a hit with coffee connoisseurs.

The gadget is simple in design, consisting of a cylindrical chamber complete with a silicone sealed plunger. The concept is straightforward too – immerse ground coffee beans and water, press the plunger, and filter. Hey, presto! You’re rewarded with a cup of steaming coffee.

In this guide, we will discover what you should look for in coffee for your AeroPress (after all taste is everything!). We’ll also give you the lowdown on seven of the best coffees for Aeropress around. We’ll explore the taste and aroma, find out about the beans and check out the all-important green credentials of the coffee blends. So, without further ado, it’s time to put your feet up and read on – but don’t forget to make yourself a cup of coffee first!

7 of the best AeroPress Coffees

If you have an AeroPress you’re going to need to buy coffee to go in it, but with so many brands available it can be difficult to choose! The good news is we can help with that, we’ve checked out seven of the best on the market on your behalf, and here’s what we found out…

Brown Bear Blue Mountain Blend Ground Coffee

Ideal for your AeroPress or French Press Cafetière, Blue Mountain Blend Ground Coffee provides you with a very drinkable, low-fat, gluten-free beverage. The medium roast coffee boasts a sweet flavour, with an unmistakable tang of toffee and caramel.

Blue Mountain Blend Ground Coffee, Medium Roast Ground Coffee, 227g, Strength 3, Brown Bear, Ideal for French Press Cafetiere Filter Drip V60 Aeropress The Blue Mountain blend is made from 100% Arabica coffee beans, which are sourced from Costa Rica. Coffee company Brown Bear has its own UK-based BRC accredited roastery and commits to providing fresh roasts at affordable prices.

You’ll find a little brown bear cub logo on your packet, which is printed on the product as a mark of quality, assuring consumers that plenty of care has been given to creating a tasty blend. The company looks after customers, but they also look after bears. 5% of sales are donated to Free the Bears, a UK charity with bear sanctuaries dotted around South East Asia. To date, more than 950 bears have been rescued and cared for.

You get 227 grams of coffee, which comes packed in a bag. The bags are resealable to keep your coffee as fresh as possible (it should last up to three weeks if you reseal the bag). To keep your coffee in tip-top condition it’s a good idea to store your coffee in a dry, cool place – away from bright lights.

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Aromistico Garda Dark Roast Blend

A member of The Guild of Fine Food Aromistico produces a range of artisan gourmet hand-roasted ground coffee fit for any connoisseur. If you’re looking for something sophisticated and cultured Aromistico Garda could be for you. Roasted in small batches in the Lombardy region (Lake Garda to be exact), the blend is a perfect example of a fine course ground roast.

AROMISTICO | Intense Bold Dark Roast | Italian Ground Coffee | Garda Blend for Cafetiere / French Press, Filter, Drip, Moka or Aeropress | Dark Chocolate Truffle , Cinnamon & Caramel-Like Aromistico Garda blend is produced from a heady mix of quality Arabica beans grown in Peru, along with coffee beans from Brazil, plus Robusta beans from Cameroon. The Robusta beans add a spicy warmth and together with the Arabica beans, the blend has a distinctive rich, dark, and intense taste.

Take your time to savour it and you’ll experience the dark chocolate truffle flavour designed to titillate your taste buds. You’ll notice caramel and cinnamon running through the coffee too, adding a pleasant smack of sweetness.

The blend can be used with an AeroPress or a French Press and each bag contains 200 grams of coffee. The bags are specially designed to keep coffee fresh, they are easy to reseal and come with a valve for ease of use. Just keep the bag in a dry, cool place and your coffee should stay fresher for longer.

We should also mention that Aromistico coffee has green credentials – every time you buy Aromistico coffee you are helping Tree-Nation to plant coffee trees, in an age where sustainability is so important, this is a huge plus point.

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Spiller and Tait Signature Blend

A multi-award-winning coffee, that surely must be a good sign! Spiller and Tait Signature Blend is a UK-produced coffee, roasted in small Spiller & Tait Signature Blend - Ground Coffee 500g Bag – Multi Award Winning - Roasted in Small Batches in the UK – Suitable for Filter/Aeropress/Cafetiere batches for quality and freshness. The company won the Prestigious Taste Award 2017 and before that bagged a silver in the Taste of the West Awards 2014. Spiller and Tate proclaim to understand what coffee drinkers value, and ensure their Signature blend has been produced with this in mind.

Produced with Arabica beans from India, Kenya, Columbia, Ethiopia, and Brazil, the Signature blend is of superior quality and boasts not just heaps of flavour, but also a mouth-watering aroma.  The coffee is suitable for vegetarians and has a pleasing flavour – it’s balanced and has a deep, rich taste. The blend is also full-bodied but doesn’t have that sharp bitterness that some beverages have. What you do get though is impressive smoothness, so you’ll drink this down easily and you’ll want another straight after!

The coffee can be used in an AeroPress and also in a percolator, cafetière, and filter, giving you a welcome coffee hit any time of the day. You get 500g in a bag – just make sure you keep it sealed for maximum coffee freshness.

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Crazy Cat Columbian Coffee

A medium strength Arabica, Crazy Cat Columbian Coffee packs a punch with its full-bodied strength, flavour, and freshness. The aroma is pretty good too, this is the sort of Crazy Cat Colombian Ground Coffee, Non Bitter, Medium Strength 3, Arabica Coffee, Full Fresh Flavour, Roasted and Ground to Perfection 250g coffee that wafts under your door and wakes you up in the morning (if you’re lucky enough to have someone to make it for you!).

Columbian coffee is celebrated for its vibrancy and boasts an interesting fusion of bitterness and acidity. The coffee may be robust but it also has a subtle flavour, which tickles the tongue. It seems this may be a coffee of contrasts – but it works well!

The blend is also creamy and smooth and it’s suitable for vegetarians. The name is a little misleading, it’s called Crazy Cat Columbian, but the coffee is brewed in the UK (in Chesterfield to be precise).

The coffee is packed into bags for freshness (250g in each bag) and you can brew the coffee in a cafetière or an AeroPress. Crazy Cat is so confident in the taste of their coffee and so convinced you’ll like the blend, that they provide a satisfaction guarantee.

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Pret Organic Classic Blend Bio Coffee

We’ve all heard of Pret, the big coffee chain with an even bigger following, well now you can brew your own Pret Organic Classic Blend Ground Coffee at home. The coffee comes in packs of 200g and you get 5 (so a total of 1kg all-in-all).

Pret Organic Classic Blend Ground Coffee 200 g (Pack of 5, Total 1kg) With a roast strength of 4, this brew is classed as an everyday beverage, something you can enjoy at any time of the day. The flavour is best described as well-balanced. There’s a noticeable sweetness, with just the right amount of caramel and praline – so you’re not overpowered, more tickled by the taste.

The Pret blend is made from Arabica beans, all of which are hand-picked from farms in Ethiopia, Sumatra, Honduras, and Peru, and as you might have guessed the coffee is 100% organic. Pret is vocal about its commitment to ecological issues and there’s a big emphasis on sustainability, with a focus on everything from ingredients to how products are packaged.

The company has set up a coffee fund in collaboration with Cenfrocafe Cooperative in Peru, supporting local farmers. Coffee combined with sound ecological principles always tastes delicious.

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Taylors of Harrogate Rich Italian Coffee

Taylors Rich Italian Ground Coffee 227g (Pack of 6) Taylors of Harrogate is a well-known and reputable brand, celebrated for their tea – but let us not forget they produce some pretty decent coffee too. Brew yourself a cup of  Taylors of Harrogate Rich Italian Coffee and you will find it to be both sophisticated and satisfying. Flavour-wise you’ll pick up on almonds and chocolate in this rich brew.

The blend has a strength rating of 4 and is made from 100% Arabica beans. The coffee has a distinctive taste and is produced in Africa and Latin America. The blend is quality checked by an expert team of Taylors Q-Graders, and comes in bags of 227g (pack of six).

Taylors of Harrogate don’t just produce tasty beverages, they also support sustainability. The coffee is Rainforest Alliance and Carbon Neutral certified, protecting coffee-growing communities and the environment.

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Marley Buffalo Soldier Dark Roast Organic Ground Coffee

Bob Marley is known for his distinctive voice and memorable songs, Buffalo Soldier being one of his most well-known. Whether you’re a Marley fan or not you can still enjoy supping Buffalo Soldier Dark Roast.

Buffalo Soldier Dark Roast, Organic Ground Coffee, Marley Coffee, from The Family of Bob Marley, 227g Founded in 2007, Marley Coffee company produces a range of blends including Rainforest Alliance, Jamaican Blue Mountain, and Organic coffee blends. The coffee is now available in the UK and across Europe, winning the Soil Association Organic Beverage of the Year Award and more than one Great Taste Award.

Marley Buffalo Soldier is a robust dark roast with a deep and bold flavour. There’s a tasty tang of dark chocolate and berries, which adds a fruity twist, and the blend is deliciously smooth. The organic ground coffee comes in bags of 227g and you can rest assured there are no artificial flavours.

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What To Look For In Coffee For An AeroPress

The AeroPress is a great gadget and can provide you with a cup of the purest coffee you’ve ever tasted. You’ll get a bracing, smooth brew that’s oozing with flavour. The AeroPress is a versatile machine too, you can add as much coffee and water as you like to achieve your desired strength.

To get the most from your AeroPress you need to use the best coffee beans, but how do you know which to go for? Ideally, you need high-quality beans that are perfectly ground. You also need to consider the origin of the coffee beans as they can vary in flavour depending on where they are cultivated.

The grind is important too. Pre-ground coffee shouldn’t be too fine or too coarse, otherwise you might run into problems when you’re brewing. If your grind is too coarse, you’ll end up with a sour-tasting brew, too fine and your cup of Joe may taste too harsh and have a bitter tang.

The roast is also a key factor. The AeroPress enhances the flavour of the coffee, so a strong brew might have even more of a kick than usual. A dark, robust roast will have an even deeper flavour once it’s brewed via the AeroPress, and Espresso beans might be just too much (you might find the taste too bitter).

A lighter profile roast will provide a more subtle flavour and specialty beans are usually a good bet. However, it all comes down to personal taste, and blends vary from brand to brand.

The Tastiest Coffee Beans

Arabica beans (also known as Arabian coffee) originate from the Rubiaceae coffee family. The cultivated plant accounts for approximately 60% of global coffee production. The Robusta bean makes up the majority of the remaining 40% of coffee production.

Folklore has it that Beethoven demanded exactly 60 beans be used for each cup of coffee. You might say the renowned musician was being overly fussy, but it’s fair to say we take our coffee seriously, and there’s nothing like a nice brew.


Life is so busy it can be difficult to find time to take a moment for yourself, but there’s always time for an AeroPress coffee. The seven blends we’ve looked at today are premium quality and tasty, with a variety of flavours including caramel and chocolate. Why not try a few out for yourself? After all, in the words of Henry Rollins, “What goes best with a cup of coffee? Another cup.”

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