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My mum always tells me that all trends and fashions come back around again sooner or later – when it comes to the coffee industry, she’s absolutely bang on. Today, we’re going to be looking at yet another product that has been, gone, and come back again – the gooseneck kettle.

They are funny looking things – getting their name from the long, thin gooseneck-like spout, which tapers at the end, they do have a ‘classic’ feel to them. Of course, originally, most kettles had a much thinner spout, whereas the majority of today’s regular kettles have more of an open pour.

If you drink pour-over coffee, which is becoming more and more popular, then a gooseneck kettle could be exactly what you need. They are often dismissed as hipster nonsense, but I’m here to tell you that in order to make truly great pour-over coffee, you’re going to need one of these in your life.

What To Look For In A Gooseneck Kettle?

The major benefit of having a gooseneck kettle is that it gives you complete control over your pour. This is so important with pour-over coffee, you will need to make sure you pour exactly the right amount of water, that it is added gradually and that you cover the coffee evenly. With a long, thin spout you can be more accurate with how much water you pour, and where it goes.

So, if the spout is the key feature, what should you look for in a gooseneck kettle? There are three main areas you should consider: design (just because they’re functional doesn’t mean they can’t look nice), capacity (how many people do you usually make coffee for in one go?) and any extra features they might have (thermometer, timer etc).

7 Of The Best Gooseneck Kettles

Once you have established what sort of things you’re looking for from these three categories, it’s time to look for your perfect gooseneck kettle. Now, there is an increasing amount available today, so we have taken the liberty of highlighting some of those that we have found to be the best. We’re pretty confident that your next gooseneck kettle will be on this list.

Soulhand Pour Over Gooseneck Kettle

Soulhand Pour Over Gooseneck Water Kettle with Thermometer, Drip Brew Coffee Kettle Tea Pot with 3 Layered Stainless Steel Bottom for Electric Induction Gas Stovetop - 1.2L / 40oz Let’s kick things off with this simple, yet stylish, offering from American company Soulhand, who have been making coffee products since 2016.

First of all, I’m sure you’ve noticed that it looks really nice. The matt black finish compliments the rippled design beautifully, – it really oozes a simple sophistication and elegance. It’s the sort of appliance that you would probably end up leaving out in your kitchen as you want as many people to see it as possible!

It has a 1 litre capacity, which is pretty much the average for the products that we’ll be looking at today. To be honest, that’s more than big enough for most domestic use. We did find that it was better to fill up to around 0.8l, just to avoid the risk of it overflowing during the boiling process.

A handy little feature is placed on top of the lid handle – a thermometer. This is another way that you can really take control of your drink. Most coffee will have an optimum extraction temperature around 90-96 degrees centigrade (this area is highlighted on the thermometer), but they may differ slightly. Generally, the higher the temperature, the quicker the extraction so you may find you prefer the taste of different coffees at slightly different temperatures. This is where the scientist in you comes out, as it’s important to experiment to find your perfect combinations!

The base of the kettle consists of three layers – a high purity aluminum plate sandwiched between two stainless steel plates (the bottom one being magnetic). This means that it is compatible with induction hobs as well as gas and electric hobs.

The tip of the spout is slightly curved, which gives the user a 90 degree angle at which to pour – this is optimal. It’s a nice little touch to give you even more control over the pour.

In terms of price, Soulhand have gone for a mid-range level here, so this won’t break the bank by any stretch of the imagination. A good all-rounder.

Best For...
People wanting a stylish kettle that works on any kitchen hob

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Coffee Gator Pour Over Gooseneck Kettle

Gooseneck Kettle - Coffee Gator Pour Over Kettle - Precision-Flow Spout and Thermometer - Barista-Standard Hand Drip Tea and Coffee Kettle for Induction and All Stovetops - 1 Litre The next selection on our list of best gooseneck kettles comes from Coffee Gator – a company out of Delaware with the mission to ‘help everyone drink better coffee’. A noble cause if ever I heard one!

This kettle has more of a ‘classic’ feel to it than some of the other options on our list –  the stainless steel finish gives it a robustness that you might associate with ‘the good old days’. It really does give the impression of a product that is built to last. They even describe the stainless steel as ‘military grade’, so you can see where they have put their emphasis.

Having said that, it doesn’t look unattractive – the gentle rippled effect gives the hint of elegance and style, but without being in-your-face. This is matched by the handle, which is curved for comfort during use, but also happens to look great as well!

As with the Soulhand kettle that we looked at above, the Coffee Gator Gooseneck Kettle also has an inbuilt thermometer, again located on the handle of the lid. We found that it was incredibly accurate, and having a thermometer really ensures that you don’t make basic errors when making your drink – it is so easy to hear the water boil and start pouring straight away, but you run the risk of burning your coffee and ending up with a very bitter tasting drink.

Due to its durability, this is a kettle that you might consider taking away with you if you were going camping – it would be compatible with your camping stove and it won’t suffer from being chucked into a bag full of other essentials. Something worth considering if you are the outdoorsy type.

This is priced at the lower end of the price scale compared to many of the other products that we’ll look at today, so definitely worth considering. It will help you make great coffee without breaking the bank.

Best For...
Someone looking for an entry level kettle that they can take away with them

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Hario VKB-120HSV V60 Buono Gooseneck Pour-Over Kettle

Hario VKB-120HSV Stainless-Steel V60 Buono Drip Large Stovetop Gooseneck Pour-Over Kettle, 1.2 Litre, Aluminium Something a little closer to home now, as we take a look at this offering from London-based pour-over coffee specialists, Hario. They produce everything you need to make great pour-over coffee, from grinding to serving, so it’s safe to assume they know what they’re doing.

At first glance, it’s very similar in appearance to the previous selection from Coffee Gator – both are stainless steel with a soft rippled effect. The main difference between the two, in terms of appearance at least, is that the Hario kettle is larger, with a capacity of 1.2 litres (which is enough for 3-4 cups).

The combination of the low-mounted spout and the high-mounted handle means that you have an incredible amount of control over the pour of your water. You can make very intricate little circles as you pour to make sure that you cover every area of coffee to give you a beautifully even extraction – the flavours have nowhere to hide!

It is another kettle that is compatible with almost any hob or stove, including induction, so you won’t have to worry about whether you’ll be able to use it. It is also very durable, being made from stainless steel, so potentially another option for taking away on trips.

You’ll have noticed that, unlike the other kettles we’ve looked at so far, there isn’t a thermometer anywhere to be found on the Hario. They are aiming this product at the barista market – the people that have plenty of experience when it comes to pour-over coffees and know when the right time is to start pouring. If you are new to this world, then maybe one with a thermometer would be better for you at the moment.

This is on the higher end of the price scale of products that we’ll look at today (but by no means the highest), but it does do a tremendous job. So much thought has gone into the design to give you the optimum amount of control over your pour – the expense is certainly justified.

Best For...
The pour-over coffee expert and baristas

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Dualit Pour Over Fast Boil Electric Gooseneck Kettle

Dualit Pour Over Fast Boil Electric Kettle - Matt Black -Gooseneck Precision Spout - Digital Display Screen - Highly Energy Efficient 800ml Capacity - 72750 Something a little bit different now from British kitchen appliance giants, Dualit. They have been making high-quality products since 1945, so it is no surprise to find them on our list of best gooseneck kettles.

You will have noticed the major difference already, I’m sure – this is an electric kettle, as opposed to all of the stove kettles that we’ve looked at so far. As such, this has a black base on which the kettle sits.

I really like the look of this kettle – it is so simple in its design with just a matt black finish and curved shape. It is uncomplicated, yet really stylish. The Dualit logo really stands out at the bottom, which gives it a crispness. It’s the perfect combination of the modern and the traditional.

Which is quite fitting really, as that is the main selling point. A traditionally shaped kettle, but with an electric, and digital base. There are quite a few buttons for you to play around with here, all giving you more control over your drink. You can set the temperature to the exact degree (up to 100 degrees centigrade), and you can even set it to maintain that temperature if you are thinking of having another cup immediately afterwards, or you just get side-tracked in the middle of making your drink.

Are these features necessary when making a pour-over coffee? Nope. But are they nice to have? Absolutely! This really is a luxury gooseneck kettle, and is priced as such as one of the most expensive kettles that we’ll look at today. It’s so easy to use, though, and you have so much control, that it is definitely worth considering if you are looking to spend a bit more money to have a bit more control.

Best For...
The gadget-loving coffee drinker

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Diguo Variable Temperature Digital Electric Gooseneck Kettle

Diguo Variable Temperature Digital Electric Gooseneck Kettle, Pour Over Coffee Kettle Hand Drip Kettle Narrow Spout Premium Stainless Steel Gooseneck Tea Kettle, DG-1738 (Black) Another option for an electric gooseneck kettle now, as we take a look at this one from Diguo – a Chinese company that is just starting to make its move on the West, so at the moment relatively unknown over here.

This is another handsome machine. I really like the wood effect on the handle, the brown compliments the matt black kettle, giving it an almost Scandinavian look. It just looks warm and cosy.

It is quite small though, with a capacity of just 0.7 litres, it is the smallest kettle that we’ll look at today. Definitely something to bear in mind. It will definitely be big enough for a couple of cups, so would be suitable for many households.

The digital display offers many of the same features of the Dualit product – you get to set the temperature to the exact degree, and it even has preset settings that you can just hit automatically (60, 82, 85, 88, 92 and 100 degrees centigrade). These are very handy and you might find that you discover a new optimum temperature for your drinks by using these presets. There is also a Hold button for keeping the water at your desired temperature.

This is a cheaper alternative to the Dualit. With the smaller capacity, it won’t be suitable for everyone, but it has excellent functionality. If the capacity suits your household, this could be the option for you.

Best For...
Smaller households that want complete control over the temperature of their water.

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BODUM BISTRO Gooseneck Water Kettle

BODUM BISTRO Gooseneck water kettle, 1.0 l, 34 oz, 1200W, 11940-16UK, black Our last electric kettle now, and this one from Danish-Swiss coffee giants Bodum, who have been making premium equipment for coffee lovers science 1944.

First of all, we should note that this is a fantastic looking machine. It’s stylish and elegant, as we’re discovering gooseneck kettles tend to be, but it also looks incredibly modern. It’s almost as if a gooseneck spout has been added to a regular modern-day kettle, and the combination really works.

That description could easily be applied to the functionality of this product as well – it is just like a modern day kettle, but has a gooseneck spout. There is no digital display, no temperature control, no Hold button – simply an On switch. It’s simple, but effective.

At 1 litre, it is a pretty standard size, and does a pretty standard job – it will boil the water for you, and then is incredibly easy to pour accurately. This may seem like I am damning it with faint praise, but I have to say that it is actually very pleasurable to use – largely because of this simplicity.

With the Bodum brand, you know you are going to get quality, and that’s what they provide. No gimmicks, no fancy features, just a kettle that you switch on and pour out of. Ultimately, isn’t that what you’re after?

Best For...
The stylish kitchen that just wants to make good coffee, simply.

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Luxbe – Gooseneck Swan Pour-Over Coffee Kettle

Luxbe - Gooseneck Swan Pour-Over Coffee Teapot Kettle - 40oz 1200ml 4-5 Cups - Hand Drip-Less Adjustable Temperature Control - Stove-Top Heat-Resistant - Water Boiler with Thermometer - Beech Handle We finish our list of the best gooseneck kettles with something a little bit different – this offering from Luxbe.

 It’s another very stylish looking piece of kit – a nice, wide base, a stainless steel finish and attractive wooden handle and knob on the lid – it certainly would look at home in any kitchen. In actual fact, it has the look of a teapot about it, it is quite literally short and stout.

Once again, the design does give us some clues as to what the manufacturers were thinking when they were creating this kettle. This is very much pitched, not just as a great kettle for pour-over coffee, but also for loose leaf tea. They go to great lengths to point out that various teas require differing temperatures, and so this kettle is perfect for ensuring you get the most out of your beverage.

As you would expect, therefore, there is an inbuilt thermometer on the top of the knob on the lid. Displaying both centigrade and fahrenheit, they have also highlighted the area of the thermometer that you will be looking for when making the majority of your drinks (between 92 and 96 degrees centigrade).

It is another stove-top kettle, and promises to work with all stoves, including induction hobs. It also is slightly larger than most of the other kettles we’ve looked at on this list, with a 1.2 litre capacity. This makes it perfect for larger households, even when people are having different drinks.

It is priced towards around the middle of the price range for the gooseneck kettles that we’ve looked at on this list, and considering it’s versatility, I think this could make the shortlist of many different people that are looking for a stove-top gooseneck kettle.

Best For...
Larger households that drink loose-leaf tea as well as coffee

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