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Today we are taking a look at the Nespresso Citiz Magimix coffee pod machine. It promises an excellent brew that is super efficient and impossibly easy to make cups of coffee – so we decided to put it to the test in our full Nespresso Citiz review.

The advantages of pod coffee machines are there for everyone to see.

For a start they make coffee that, not very long ago, you would have had to have gone to a coffee shop for. As the popularity of coffee continues to grow and grow, more people want the opportunity to make these drinks in their home.

They also work out much cheaper than shop-bought coffee. With pods costing as little as around 15p each, these machines are now making it not just possible to enjoy these drinks in the comfort of your home, but also much cheaper to do so than going to a cafe or coffee shop.

Finally, and crucially, these machines are usually incredibly easy to use. A quick glance at an instruction manual (or more likely, video) and you’re basically well equipped to use a pod machine, and make the type of drinks baristas spend months, or even years, training to perfect.

The main problem these days is that the popularity of pod coffee machines has meant that there are now so many different choices available. Each one differs in price, functionality, make, style and even which pods you can use with it – it can be overwhelming to find the best one for you.

Fortunately, we are here to brief you on some of the best machines around, so you can select the one that is right for you. Today we are going to look at the Magimix Citiz which uses Nespresso pods. As one of the more expensive mid-range Nespresso machines, let’s see what it can do.

Nespresso Citiz Specifications

Nespresso 11317 Capsule Coffee Machine, Plastic, 1870 W, Black The first thing you’ll notice when you see the Citiz is how stylish it looks. It’s a very attractive machine, with a sleek main unit, and a rippled milk frothing cylinder attached to the side. It will provide a touch of elegance to any kitchen counter!

Importantly, it will also not take up a lot of room on the counter – measuring just 23.7cm x 27.7cm x 37.2cm. It will easily fit around your other kitchen appliances (or, if you’re like me, your various other coffee machines) without it all becoming too cramped.

As mentioned above, the ease-of-use is an incredibly important selling point of the pod coffee machine. Well, similar to most Nespresso machines, the Citiz has only two buttons – one for espresso sized drinks, and one for lungo sized drinks. Each pod that you buy will tell you which size you’ll need, so there really isn’t much that you need to worry about.

Another feature that is standard in Nespresso-friendly machines is the 19-bar water pump, which will ensure you get the perfect extraction, every time. To be honest, a 9-bar is sufficient for most espresso machines, so this is more than adequate. There is a 1litre water tank located on the back of the machine, which is big enough for 5-6 coffees.

The fast heat-up feature means that, from the moment you turn on the machines, it will be ready to produce a drink in 25 seconds. This sort of speed can be incredibly valuable in the morning, especially if you tend to be running late like I invariably am…

If you’re worried about energy consumption, there is a automatic shut-off function which will turn off the machine if it has been left unused for 9 minutes, which they claim will use 60% less energy than some of its competitors.

The milk frother, what they call an ‘Aeroccino’, is integrated onto the side of the machine. It is a cylinder that has just one button, and is very easy to take apart and clean, which you should do after each use.

The various compartments of the machine (the drip tray and empty-pod collector) all come off easily for cleaning, and you can purchase special cleaning pods to descale the machine – you simply put them in as you would a coffee pod and press the button. It is that simple.

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What It’s Like To Use

I keep coming back to my point about ease of use when I talk about pod coffee machines – it’s their main selling point, so it’s a vitally important feature when you’re looking at which one to buy.

Nespresso 11317 Capsule Coffee Machine, Plastic, 1870 W, Black Well the Nespresso Citiz has two buttons.

It’s difficult for me to articulate how easy this machine is to use in a better way than that. The two buttons correlate to the size of drink, and the pods themselves will tell you which size is the best one to optimise the taste.

Of course, you need to make sure that there is water in the tank, situated at the back on the machine. This clips in and out easily, and you can fill it with enough water for 5-6 drinks, so you won’t need to worry about that every time you use the machine.

Once that is done, you flip open the pod compartment, place in the pod of your choice, and then press the corresponding button – it really is that easy.

If you are making a milky coffee, you simply fill up the milk frother, sorry Aeroccino, with the required amount of milk, and press the button. The little motor will start whirring around and your cold, fresh milk will be heated and frothed in about 60 seconds.

By that time, your coffee will also be ready, so you can add the two drinks together to form the drink of your choice. I’m not sure how they could make it easier!

After each use, it is recommended that you give the milk frother a rinse, and any excess drips a quick wipe down. Every week or so, you’ll want to empty out the drip tray and the pod collector, and every few weeks you should have a full descale, with a special descaling pod.

In short, this machine is incredibly easy to use. There is so little that you can do wrong, in fact, even if you press the wrong button (of the two) you will simply end up with a coffee with a different strength than recommended – not ideal, but still perfectly drinkable. It’s foolproof, which is great for people like me first thing in the morning!

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Nespresso Citiz Magimix Taste Test

Nespresso 11317 Capsule Coffee Machine, Plastic, 1870 W, Black It’s great that the Magimix Citiz is easy to use – it really is a main selling point. However, if it doesn’t produce good coffee, it would not be worth having.

Before I get into the performance of this particular machine, I think it’s important to mention the pods themselves. Nespresso are one of the most popular brands of coffee pods, and unlike some of their rivals, they don’t have exclusive rights to produce pods for their machines.

What this means is that you have such a variety of pods available, covering all different tastes and, importantly, budgets. Some supermarkets will have their own-brand versions, and some incredibly high-end coffee makers produce some as well.

I am trying to highlight here how important it is to get a pod that you really like, and experiment with different ones. No matter how good your coffee machine, your coffee will only be as good as the coffee you put into it. (I have said this so often I’m thinking of getting it put on a t-shirt!)

With that in mind, this machine will produce consistent results every time. The simplicity of its functionality means that very little can go wrong – press the right button and you’ll get the perfect strength for your coffee.

The milk frother is great as well, and not just because it’s easy to use. Many other pod machines have special milk pods that they use for their drinks, which, while slightly easier to operate, cannot use fresh milk, for obvious reasons.

The quality of the milk when you froth it from fresh is incomparable to the milk pods from other brands. It’s obvious really, fresh milk just tastes better.

It is worth taking a bit of time to research exactly how much milk you want/need for your favourite drinks, and the quantities are really what can make or break a drink. There are so many helpful guides available, and you can experiment with different amounts to find out what your favourite is.

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If you are interested in buying a pod coffee machine, I’m guessing that it is because you would like something to make quality coffee quickly and easily. Does this sound like you?

If so, the Nespresso Magimix Citiz should definitely be on your shortlist.

Making drinks couldn’t really be easier – a two button system for your coffee, and one button for the milk. You can’t really get this wrong.

Having said that, you do get some freedom to experiment, particularly with the amount of milk you add. You can basically make any number of different drinks with the same pods, depending on your taste, or just what you fancy at the time. This is a luxury you are not afforded with many other types of machine.

It’s also worth noting that Nespresso have introduced a recycling scheme, in which you can send your pods off to be recycled in a pre-paid bag. Personally, I have always felt a bit of guilt about the amount of plastic involved with these machines, so it’s reassuring to know you can recycle them. Compostable pods are also available now, and the excess grounds are really good for your garden!

All in all, this machine can do everything you could possibly want to do with a pod coffee machine. You can make excellent coffee with no training, for much cheaper than you would pay in the shops. For the money, I’m not sure you’ll find a better machine.

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