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Louise Woffindin takes a look at the best coffee scales on the market to ensure you make a perfectly balanced coffee every time. Read on to see her top selection…

A lot of precision goes into coffee growing and preparation before it even reaches the shelves. If you’re a real coffee aficionado, you’ll appreciate the subtleties that coffee growers have developed in their coffee beans.

To people who just shove a couple of spoons of ground coffee into a coffee press (or dare I say, shove a teaspoon of granules into a mug) and pour in water, it might seem somewhat pedantic when people weigh coffee. However, it would be a real shame to undo all of that meticulous picking, processing and roasting at the very last stage and having an under-extracted or over-extracted brew.

There is no better method of making the perfect cup than weighing it. Thankfully, coffee scales are plentiful. The hard part is choosing which one to buy.

Look no further! Read our best coffee scales guide below…

Why Use Scales For Coffee?

All coffees are different and will have different brewing requirements. How the final product tastes, will depend on the following factors:

  • How much the coffee weighs
  • The coffee grind size
  • The water temperature
  • The brew time
  • The brew agitation
  • The water pressure

When you want to make the most out of speciality coffee and you want the perfect brew, weighing it is the only way to ensure the final result. If you’re inconsistent, you’re potentially turning a heavenly cup into a bitter-tasting, expensive waste!

Using scoops or spoons just doesn’t give you that certainty you get with an exact weight. Using a coffee scale will mean all of the guesswork is taken out of it and you have full control of how your coffee will taste.

Finally, scales help you to fine-tune your end result so once you’ve made the best cup of coffee you’ve ever tasted, you’ll know how to repeat the process to get the same result in the future.

Top Coffee Scales

Now we know why you should use a coffee scale, let’s take a look at the best coffee scales out there.

Bemece Coffee Scale

If you’re looking for value for money and high precision, the Bemece digital coffee scale is an excellent find. From the moment we took this out of the packaging to test it, we had high hopes – it certainly looked and felt high-quality. We really liked the backlit reverse LED display, bemece Digital Coffee Scale with Timer, 3 kg/0.1 g High Precision Kitchen Food Scale Drip Espresso Scale with Back-Lit LED Display (Batteries Included) which meant it was easy to read the scale even in bright light.

In testing, we found the scale to be easy to use and precise. It is sensitive to 0.1g and can weigh coffee between 0.1g and 3kg, which is impressive. It doesn’t matter whether you’re pouring water or powder, this coffee scale is accurate.

Aside from the standard tare function, this scale is also equipped with a timer, which means you can use it for timing your brew in a cafetière too. As well as this, there is a sleep mode and auto-off function.

The product is made from acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS), which is a thermoplastic polymer. Jargon-aside, it’s impact-resistant, tough and resistant to higher temperatures – making it perfect for brewing coffee! The anti-slip silicone pad is a great addition too. You can never be too careful when adding hot water.

This coffee scale takes three AAA batteries and we really appreciated the fact that it comes with these included. There’s nothing more disappointing than looking forward to making the best coffee of your life to find you need to nip out and buy some batteries before you can use it.

Summary of Specs:

  • Dimensions – 18 x 13 x 3cm
  • Item weight – 0.35kg
  • Auto-off – 120s
  • Units – g, oz, ml
  • Timer – Yes
  • Low battery indicator – Yes

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Edasion Digital Coffee Scales

Digital Coffee Scale with Timer 0.1g/3KG High Precision Kitchen Scale Waterproof Electronic Food Weighing Espresso Scale, Large LED Display, Touch Button, Easy to Clean, Black(Batteries Included)As first impressions go, this scale was remarkably similar to the Bemece coffee scale and this was a close contender for first place!

Like the Bemece, it impressed us straight out of the box with its silicone non-slip top and large LED display. It felt sturdy and high-quality – enough for us to try it out with a heavy cafetière. Underneath, there are also anti-slip rubber pads to keep the scale still.

In terms of functionality, we found it really easy to use. The touch-activated keys are a nice feature and make it easy to clean, which is essential when using powdered coffee that can easily get everywhere. The silicone pad is also removable for easy rinsing.

Despite being really reasonably priced, this scale comes with a two-year warranty. Edasion say they will replace any scale that breaks within two years completely free of charge.

Summary of Specs:

  • Dimensions – 7.3 x 5.1 x 1.2in
  • Item weight – 0.35kg (280g without rubber pad)
  • Auto-off – 120s
  • Units – g, oz, ml
  • Timer – Yes
  • Low battery indicator – Yes

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KitchenTour Coffee Scale

It seems that coffee scale manufacturers know what works. The KitchenTour coffee scale is almost identical to our first two scales. However, KitchenTour Coffee Scale with Timer 3kg/0.1g High Precision Pour Over Drip Espresso Scale with Back-Lit LCD Display (Batteries Included) this item is slightly bigger and lighter.

It has a weight capacity from 0.3g to 3000g and so can’t measure as low as the other two scales. However, when weighing coffee, you’re not going to need a 0.1g or 0.2g amount so this is negligible.

The KitchenTour scale is also made from high-quality ABS with a removable silicone non-slip pad. We tested this out with a large coffee dripper and were pleased with the consistent results we achieved.

As this scale is slightly larger than some of the others, it isn’t ideal for use with small espresso machines. By all means, you can weigh the porta-filter with coffee, but you’ll likely not be able to weigh the coffee as it’s being released into the cup.

When writing our reviews, we look at the products and test them ourselves but we also consider what other customers are saying. The KitchenTour coffee scale that has the highest average rating (4.5 stars out of 5). With this in mind, we can certainly say that we’re not the only ones who think this scale is worth it!

This is an excellent coffee scale that does exactly what you need it to. Slightly larger than the first two but it has great reviews, and plenty of them too.

Summary of Specs:

  • Dimensions – 21.6 x 16.3 x 3.91cm
  • Item weight – 270g
  • Auto-off – 120s
  • Units – g, oz, ml
  • Timer – Yes
  • Low battery indicator – Yes

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Coffee Gator Coffee Scale

When you purchase a Coffee Gator product, you know you’ve got a great item. This company knows their stuff about coffee-related things. As Coffee Gator Coffee Scale – Digital, Multifunctional, Weighing Scales w/ Timer & Large LCD Display for Espresso, Food and Kitchen Use a result, the Coffee Gator coffee scale has made it onto our best coffee scales review for its brand reputation as well as its quality.

This scale weighs both mass and volume and can measure from 0.01 grams or 0.01 ml all the way up to 3kg or 3l, which makes it excellent for large brews of coffee.

We liked how functional this scale was and how easy the display was to read. It’s lightweight but won’t move on your worktop thanks to its rubber feet. It also has a non-slip, durable rubber top so you can be confident when placing glassware on the top. The display is bright – unlike many others in this review, it has black text on a green background, which some might prefer.

Some online reviews say that this has a delay when weighing coffee but we found that this wasn’t such a big issue in our testing – especially considering the price.

One thing we didn’t like so much were the buttons, they’re a little noisy. However, this doesn’t affect the functionality of the design.

We found the Coffee Gator scale to be a great product. Yes, the weight takes a tiny bit longer to catch up on the scale compared to others but we didn’t find this to impede its functionality. If you want to see the Coffee Gator scale in action, the brand’s own website has a cool video.

Summary of Specs:

  • Dimensions – 19 x 12.7 x 2.5cm
  • Item weight – Unknown
  • Auto-off – 120s
  • Units – g, lb, oz, ml
  • Timer – Yes
  • Low battery indicator – No

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ApexStone Coffee Scale

This is a popular product with over 2000 ratings on Amazon. Not only that, but its average rating is 4.4 stars out of five. It’s safe to say, then, that consumers seem to love this scale. Let’s find out why.

Apexstone Coffee Scale with Timer Small, Espresso Scale with Timer Small, Espresso Coffee Scale with Timer for Pour Over Coffee (Batteries Included) Though the external box looks a little old-fashioned and basic, the ApexStone coffee scale was far from it when we tested it. The display is an LCD screen with a blue backlight that makes it easy to read. The buttons don’t make any annoying sounds and are easy to use.

Though this measures five units of measurement, it can measure in 0.1g increments, which makes it a precise tool for measuring coffee. For its price, it certainly has a great spec.

There is an FDA-safe removable silicone mat that protects the scale from spills and heat and there is also a hard plastic cover to use when the scale is not in use. Another nice tidy feature is the retractable hook, which makes for easy hanging and tidying away.

The timer function is a nice feature. It can only run up to 60 minutes, though, so if you want a longer timer, you’d need to choose one of the other scales in this review.

Finally, this takes two AAA batteries (included) rather than the three that some of the other scales use.

This is an easy-to-read, budget friendly scale with five different units of measurement. It’s ideal for weighing coffee and other things in your kitchen too. Finally, the retractable hang hole is a unique feature that might just pip this to the post as far as budget scales go!

Summary of Specs:

  • Dimensions – 22.86 x 15.24 x 5.08cm
  • Item weight – 363g
  • Auto-off – 120s
  • Units – g, lb, oz, ml, l
  • Timer – Yes
  • Low battery indicator – Yes

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Anpress Scales

For anyone looking for a no-frills coffee scale, the Anpress digital scale is where it’s at.

Anpress Digital Coffee Scale with Timer, Electric Kitchen Scale Food Scale Multifunctional Pro Scales 3000g 0.01oz/ 0.1g, Jewelry Scales with Back-Lit LCD Display Hanger Hole (Batteries NOT Included) There aren’t slick edges like some of the others, and the buttons seem more clunky. It also only uses two batteries and so you won’t get as long out of your scale as you would with some of the other options.

That said, it still has measurements to 0.1g accuracy and up to 3000g, which is excellent. There is also a timer on the front so you can still time your brew with ease. There is the added benefit of a wall hanger to make tidying away easy.

The scale has a simple look and design to it, making it easy to keep clean – just wipe it down when needed.

Operation is relatively easy with the use of just four buttons and the display screen is easy to read with a bright blue background.

This is a great scale that does the job it needs to without being too fancy. If you’re not bothered about how clunky it looks and feels, you’ll find this scale does its job perfectly.

Summary of Specs:

  • Dimensions – 7.7 x 1 x 5.1cm
  • Item weight – 280g
  • Auto-off – 120s
  • Units – g, lb, oz, ml
  • Timer – Yes
  • Low battery indicator – No

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If you care a lot about your coffee and how precisely it’s brewed, buying a coffee scale is a no-brainer.

We’ve tested a wide range of coffee scales, each with their own merits. None of the scales in review are exceedingly expensive – you can pay hundreds of pounds for the best scales!

In reality, all of the ones we’ve listed do what you need them to do in order to make a precise coffee brew. Happy coffee making.

How To Use Coffee Scales

If you’re used to using kitchen scales, using coffee scales is pretty self-explanatory.

To use a scale for pour-over coffee, follow these steps:

  1. Place the filter directly onto the scales and press the ‘tare’ button to set it to zero.
  2. Add the perfect amount of ground coffee into the filter – you’ll know exactly how much you’ve added as the weight will appear on the scales.
  3. Then, add the brewing vessel on the scale and place the filled filter on top ready to brew.
  4. Press the ‘tare’ button once again (this is so that you can calculate the perfect water-to-coffee ratio).
  5. Add water until you reach the exact weight you need.

If you’re using an espresso machine, you can adapt this process:

  1. Place the porta-filter on the scales.
  2. Press the ‘tare’ button to set it to zero.
  3. Add your coffee grounds to the filter until the desired weight is reached.
  4. Put the porta-filter into the machine.
  5. Place the scales on the drip tray (size-willing).
  6. Place the cup on the scale and press the ‘tare’ button again.
  7. Press to start the espresso and watch the weight of the brewed cup on the scale.

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