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There is something inherently satisfying about making coffee in a cafetière, isn’t there?

For the uninitiated: sometimes known as a French press, a cafetière consists of a heatproof vessel into which you add your coffee. Then you add your hot (not quite boiling) water and leave to brew for a few minutes. Then, the most satisfying part – you gently press the plunger down, thus separating the perfectly brewed coffee from the grounds which are left at the bottom.

As a very young child, pressing the plunger down was always my reward if I had behaved myself during the course of a meal (we only got the cafetière out on the most special of occasions). This was probably my first real experience of coffee, and the theatre and methodology involved have stayed with me all this time. I love a French press and today we are going to be exploring the best cafetières available – I had some fun when testing these believe me.

If you are in the market for one of these fine, traditional coffee makers then there are a few things to look out for. Obviously the size – how many people do you regularly make coffee for? Then there is the insulation, the weight, whether you can put it in a dishwasher and arguably most of all – the look. A cafetière is a stylish way to make coffee and is something that should be enjoyed – and the appearance is a huge factor in that.

Our 10 Best Cafetières

If you would like a good starting place on your search, you’ve come to the right place. Below are our 10 favourite cafetières on the market today for you to look over and pick the one that you think suits your style and personality best – and yes, I really do think personality comes in to it when choosing the best cafetière for yourself.

Coffee Gator Cafetière

We’ll kick things off with a fantastic cafetière from Coffee Gator. These guys were established in 2015 in Delaware, having decided that it was their mission to “help people drink better coffee”. They believe that every cup of coffee is a ritual, and a cafetière is the king of the coffee ritual in my opinion.

Coffee Gator Cafetiere - French Press Coffee Maker - Large Capacity, Double-Wall Insulated Stainless Steel Brewer - Hotter for Longer – Grey There is a lot to like about this. First of all, I really like the design – it is clear and simple, but not without style. I love the silver logo against the solid grey of the cylinder, and the handle is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. The silver lid and plunger really finish it off well.

The design is not just for show, though. The walls of the cafetière are made of stainless steel and are “33% thicker & 20% heavier” than other brands. To be honest, I’m not certain how they came up with those figures, but the upshot of it is that this keeps your coffee hot for longer – up to an hour in fact. That is great if you are making it for a group with staggered wake-up times – or if, like me, you know you’ll fancy another cup within the hour!

One of the best things about this though, at least from a performance perspective, is the fact that the plunger manages to successfully block all of the grounds from getting in your coffee, meaning your drink is pleasant and ‘bit’ free.

This is one of the more expensive cafetières that we will be looking at on this list, but it is a great place to start. It is sturdy, long-lasting, versatile and does the job brilliantly. Make this your starting point in your search.

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Rainbean Cafetière

We’ll head over to the opposite end of the price scale now as we look at one of the cheaper options on our list – this more traditional effort from Rainbean. Based in Shanghai, they have been making household products like this for over 20 years.

RAINBEAN French Press Coffee Maker 2 Cups, Cafetiere Coffee Press, Perfect for Coffee Lover Gifts Morning Coffee, Maximum Flavor Coffee Brewer with Stainless Steel Filter, 12 oz/350 ML Some people can be a little bit wary of products that are made in China, assuming that they may be cheaply made and substandard. This cafetière, though, bucks that trend somewhat.

In terms of the design, it follows the classic look of a cafetière. It is small, holding just 350ml, but that is enough for two cups of coffee (or one big one!). The cylinder is made from “premium borosilicate glass”, which does the job of both looking great and helping to insulate.

The handle is comfortable to use and sturdy – a good distance away from the main unit so there is no chance of burning yourself while you are pouring. Speaking of pouring – the spout is well designed to give you a nice pour without the risk of drips.

The stainless steel filter will do the job that it is designed to do – keep the coffee grounds separate from the drink. It is all suitable for use in a dishwasher, so there is no problem at all when it comes to keeping it clean.

As a cafetière at the lower end of the budget, this does the job. It is only small, so best to be used for small households or maybe as a travel option, but if that is what you are after, this is perfect.

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Bodum 8 Cup

Next up we’re going to take a look at a premium offering from Bodum. These Danish coffee kings are world-renowned for their commitment to hot drinks, with their extensive range of travel mugs and coffee making equipment. Surely their cafetières will be up to scratch?

BODUM Chambord 8 Cup French Press Coffee Maker, Chrome, 1.0 l, 34 oz & Melitta Measuring Spoon for Ground Coffee, Stainless Steel, Capacity 8g Of course they are! I should point out from the outset, that this is one of the more expensive options on our list, but it more than lives up to its price tag.

First of all, the design is just wonderful. Combining the traditional with the modern, it is incredibly stylish. The chrome complements the glass, and the soft, rounded edges make it look and feel smooth. This is an exact replica of the design they first used in the 1950’s, updated with the materials and colours from the modern era to reaffirm their commitment to environmentally correct manufacturing.

What you are left with is a marvellous coffee maker. The stainless steel filter can be deconstructed into three parts – this makes it incredibly easy to get a really effective clean. It also works incredibly well at its primary function of separating the ‘bits’.

The lid has a patented design – a bayonet is there to help it close securely, meaning there is no chance of leakage, even if the entire unit is knocked over. This makes it perfect for taking it out, perhaps on a long walk.

With a 1 litre capacity, I am struggling to find an attribute to this where it falls short of the competition. It looks great, and it makes wonderful coffee. Put this on your shortlist.

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VeoHome Cafetière

Something a bit different now from VeoHome – a French company that makes kitchenware – often utilising stainless steel.

This cafetière is no exception, and it offers something very different to the others that we have looked at so far on this list. Most of which is in the design.

It looks fabulous. Almost combining the look of a cafetière with that of a teapot – a lovely smooth, bulbous look, with a beautiful stainless steel finish. This is different to almost any other cafetière that I have seen and has a really stylish look to it.

Cafetiere French Press Coffee Maker by VeoHome - Unbreakable and keeps coffee hotter for a long time thanks to its double wall (1 Liter)It is not just about aesthetics, though. The curved edges are part of a double-wall, which means that the coffee will be really well insulated, and also that the exterior of the unit will not be too hot to touch. As it is stainless steel, it is also really durable as opposed to some of the glass ones.

It is safe to use in the dishwasher, so cleaning it is an absolute doddle and crucially, it makes really good coffee. The filter is perfectly fitted (I should point out that the cylinder that holds the drink is straight, rather than curved, in order to enable the filter to do its job).

There isn’t much to dislike about this VeoHome cafetière at all. I love the design, the 0.75-litre capacity is decent and everything else works as well as you would expect, so if the design suits you, this is a great option at the higher end of the price scale.

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Le Creuset Stoneware Cafetière

We’ll stay in France now, but this time we’re looking at a premium brand making a premium cafetière. Le Creuset is a huge name in the world of cookware. They have been making the finest cast-iron pans and bakeware for nearly 100 years, and have recently been expanding Le Creuset Stoneware Cafetière French Press with Stainless Steel Plunger, 1 Litre, Serves 3-4 Cups, Volcanic Orange, 91028200090000their range into other kitchen appliances. This cafetière is a prime example of that.

And it is wonderful. As you would expect, at the very top of the price range that we are looking at today, just take a moment to appreciate its design. It is the classic Le Creuset look – a vibrant volcanic colour (plenty of other options are available), which draws the eye and would look at home as the centrepiece of your kitchen. The detail on the lid looks wonderful. A classic look, for a classic cafetière.

It is made from enamelled stoneware, so it is incredibly robust (withstanding temperatures up to 260 degrees!), and also insulates really well. Your coffee will stay warm long after you have made it so you can keep going back for top-ups. With a capacity of 1 litre, it can make more than enough coffee for a round.

The performance is great, but I don’t think anybody will be buying this cafetière just because it makes good coffee. It will be for the design and style that Le Creuset have stood form and it will be to have a magnificent looking item in their kitchen.

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Heemburg Cafetière

From the ultra-stylish to the ultra-functional now, as we look at this solid cafetière from Heemburg – a tiny two-person company from Luxembourg that was only formed in 2018.

I have perhaps been a little harsh when I described this as ultra-functional because that implies that there has been no thought into the aesthetics at all, and that isn’t true. It is actually a very stylish looking cafetière – very sleek and minimalist but stylish nevertheless.

Heemburg French Press Coffee Maker Cafetière Thermo Double Wall Insulated Vacuum Stainless Steel Manual Brewer The focus of this design, though, is clearly on functionality. First of all, it is double-lined stainless steel, so that it will keep your coffee hot ‘for hours’, and the outside never gets hot, so it is always safe to handle.

The lid locks into place, and you use a button to pour your coffee. This means it is very safe and spill-proof, with the lid remaining in place until it is time to refill. It can be transported safely whilst upright.

The filter is very fine, meaning there is very little chance of any sediment getting through. Your drink will be smooth, with all the flavour that you would expect.

It is so easy to clean, just a quick rinse under the tap will get everything clean, and the filter is dishwasher safe if it needs an additional clean.

All in all, this is a great option for a cafetière that is priced in the medium-to-high range. The durability means that it would travel well (would be great for camping trips), and its performance is really excellent.

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Coffee Llama Cafetière

Next up we’ll take a look at a stylish cafetière from a small UK company called Coffee Llama. They are firm believers in the mantra ‘coffee as a lifestyle’ and are determined to bring great coffee into homes all over the UK.

First of all, I should say that I love the look of this cafetière. The brushed stainless steel gives it a subtle style to it. It’s classy, without being in French Press Coffee Maker | Coffee Llama™ [1 L or 8 cup] Portable Stainless Steel Cafetiere for Home, Travel & Camping | Double Filtered Coffee Press with 4 Extra Filters | Dishwasher Safeyour face about it. An understated sophistication.

As well as the aesthetics, the stainless steel also offers incredible durability. You can take this cafetière away with you on trips or walks – safe in the knowledge that it isn’t going to get damaged. On top of that, the steel will insulate the heat really well, meaning your coffee will stay hot long after it has been prepared – up to an hour and a half.

This is especially useful as it can hold up to 8 cups of coffee – so you may find yourself making a full pot and coming back to it throughout the morning. It’s also great for hosting, of course.

The plunger is double-filtered – those pesky coffee grounds have no chance of making their way into your cup, meaning your coffee is smooth and delicious.

This is priced right in the middle of the range on our list today. It looks great, makes great coffee and is reasonably priced. What’s not to like?

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Barista & Co

Onto the next one – this time from Barista and Co. These guys are based on the South Coast of the UK – another coffee slash lifestyle brand that aims to make drinking great coffee as accessible as possible. This is an attitude we can fully get behind.

On the face of it, this cafetière may not look particularly remarkable. That’s not to say it isn’t attractive, but it basically just looks like a Barista & Co Core Plastic Free Sustainable French Press Cafetiere Coffee Maker, 3 Cup / 1 Mug / 350ml, Blackcafetière. A glass cylinder, with an, admittedly quite stylish, filter and a black base. It looks absolutely fine, but nothing to write home about.

However, one aspect of its design is remarkable, and that is the fact that there is no plastic involved at all. It is all high grade 304 stainless steel or thermal shock tested borosilicate glass. In a world that is desperate to reduce the amount of plastic we use, this seems like an excellent characteristic.

Barista & Co go a step further, promising replacement parts that are available if you should break anything – this is a great thing to publicise to try to combat the throwaway culture that seems to have taken hold in society.

Of course, it also produces great coffee – otherwise, it wouldn’t have made it onto our list! The filter is great and it is available in two different sizes – 350ml and 1 litre – so you can get the right size for your home.

If sustainability is important to you, this is a great option.

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1 Litre Cafetière

We have looked at cafetières from all kinds of companies on this list – some of the most admired and respected coffee and kitchenware brands in the world. Just to prove that we are not suckers for a big name, though, we have also included this option. It’s quite difficult to find out exactly who makes this, but it seems to be a brand called ‘Horett’.

Cafetière 1 Litre, French Press Coffee Maker, Made of Stainless Steel 304 with Double-Wall Insulated Coffee Presser and Tea Pot, 3 Level Filtration System, 1 Extra Reusable Filter (34 Ounce)Who is responsible for it doesn’t really matter for this list though – what it does is what counts. Well, this is a great option for a cafetière on a budget. It is a fine looking piece of kit – a really minimalist silver jug at the end of the day. Suitable for all tastes.

It has all the features that we’re coming to expect from a cafetière on this list: It is double insulated and it claims to keep your coffee warm for up to three hours – which is more than some flasks that have the sole purpose of keeping your coffee warm!

It has a great filter that will leave you with a great tasting drink that is free of nasty little coffee grounds. The filter has three levels to it, so it is incredibly efficient here.

The handle is both attractive and functional – it is far enough away from the body of the cafetière so that you will not risk scolding your hand. It also gives a neat, accurate pour.

The whole unit is safe for washing in a dishwasher, so it is incredibly simple to keep clean. It also has a 1 litre capacity, so it is more than big enough for most households.

It is a perfectly functional little cafetière, even if nobody seems to want to take the credit for it! As such, it may represent a bargain, as it does everything you could want it to do.

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La Cafetière

We complete this list of the best cafetières with this stylish effort from La Cafetière – a brand under the Kitchen Craft umbrella. They have been making coffee-related products since 1967 – focusing on the more traditional methods of making coffee – especially cafetières.

La Cafetiere TQ030200 Thermique Insulated 3-Cup Cafetiere French Press Coffee Maker, Steel Forgive me, but I think I am going to focus this write-up mainly on the design. I think this is my favourite looking cafetière on the whole list, which is saying something because we have packed this full of attractive cafetières.

This has everything I want though. It stands tall and proud, in one of three colours (steel, copper or brushed gold) and has a dignified elegance to it. It holds itself so well and seems to command respect. You could imagine it placed proudly on a table at a royal banquet at the turn of the last century, but it still wouldn’t look out of place on a modern kitchen counter. It is a stunning cafetière, and for that reason alone, this should be on your shortlist.

You guessed it – it does also make a great cup of coffee. Available in two sizes (3 cup or 8 cup), you can select the size most suited for your kitchen and rest assured it will give great results every time.

I would wholeheartedly recommend that you consider this one – even if you don’t think you will use it that often. It will look fantastic on your shelf if nothing else!

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Not everybody would choose to use a cafetière in the modern world. There are so many automated machines that can make you a coffee in seconds and at a touch of a button, that the art of waiting for a coffee to brew seems to get pushed to the background.

There is something utterly charming about them though. Those few minutes of waiting for your drink to brew are wonderful moments that those of us that still use cafetières can appreciate – even if you can only justify that time at a weekend.

If you are sold on cafetières as a concept, then use the list above to select your favourite. There is something there for every taste and budget. And remember that once you own a cafetière, you can take it with you wherever you travel. Great coffee will always be with you.

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