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How do you find the best coffee gifts? How do you avoid making the same mistakes as you did last year? Jack Simpson has been searching high and low (and at countertop level) to source the best coffee gift ideas he can find – see them below…

I don’t know about you, but I get a certain feeling of dread when Christmas and birthdays come around. What tends to happen is that I leave it too late, panic, and then end up buying something that the recipient will probably never use.

That’s why, as a consumer, I love lists like this – someone who has done the hard work for me and I can just read through it and pick my favourite. No stress or hassle, and I get to give a present to someone that they actually like. It’s win-win.

Coffee gifts are always popular. So many people I know are really into their coffee, and it is an industry that has so many genuinely useful accessories and services that not many people have everything that they need. It is possible to get something that they don’t have and that will make their lives slightly richer on a daily basis.

However, because it is such a wide ranging market, it can be difficult to pinpoint exactly what to get, which is where this article can help you.

Our 19 Top Coffee Gift Ideas

We will highlight some of the best coffee gifts available – covering everything from coffee subscription services to latte art pens, and so much more. Let us take away the stress from buying gifts.

Exhale Coffee Subscription

Perfect for your health-conscious friend or loved one, Exhale is a company that really focuses on the benefits of drinking coffee. They have an 3 exhale coffee pouchesNHS doctor on hand to oversee all of their testing so that they can back up all of their health claims about their coffee – the vitamin B3, the polyphenols and the antioxidants.

It’s not just your health that benefits from an Exhale subscription – the environment does too. Plastic-free packaging, some of which is fully compostable, and organic farming practices help to ensure that they are a carbon-zero company. Plus they give 2% of their revenue back to charity. They are certified good guys, who will appeal to your more eco-conscious friends.

Oh, and their coffee is fantastic.

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Pact Coffee Subscription

pact coffee pouches and cup

Pact Coffee are one of the most popular coffee subscription services in the UK, and with good reason.

You get so much choice with your subscription – you can choose whether you want pods, ground coffee or whole beans, and then what sort of coffee you would like. This is where it gets fun as you can have a ‘Reliable & Consistent’ option, or opt for the ‘Variety & Choice’ or ‘Adventurous Palettes‘ selections. These will change regularly so you get to sample loads of great coffees from all over the world. Perfect for the coffee-lover in your life!

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Table Top Coffee Grinder – De’Longhi KG79

De'Longhi, Coffee grinder KG79, BlackA coffee grinder is the ultimate gift for someone that really enjoys making coffee at home. A grinder is the only way to guarantee that you are drinking the freshest possible coffee – by grinding whole beans right before you brew your coffee there isn’t time for those wonderful aromas and flavours to escape.

A burr grinder is always preferable over the blade grinders – you get a much more even grind as the coffee is crushed as one, rather than chopped by whirring blades. This De’Longhi is a great example – with a 120g capacity it is more than big enough for domestic use (up to 12 cups in one go) and a huge range of different grind sizes from fine to coarse. It is simple to use, but with great results.

It is priced at a level that makes it a viable option for a gift. If you know someone that loves making great coffee at home, but doesn’t have a grinder at their disposal – look no further than the De’Longhi KG79.

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Hand Coffee Grinder – Yuntech

In the previous section we discussed how important it is to grind your coffee beans at home in order to get the maximum taste in your drink. While an automatic Manual Coffee Grinder Hand Crank Burr Ceramics Grinding Core Coffee Bean Grinders Portable Handheld Adjustable Coarse and Fine for Home Office Campinggrinder will always give you fantastic results, some people prefer to do things the old fashioned way.

There is a certain charm to using a hand grinder. First thing in the morning, you head downstairs, measure out your beans and then slowly grind them down manually – it has a very wholesome feeling to it. It also gives you a huge amount of control over how big your grind is – you can keep going until you get the exact size for however you are making your coffee.

This Yuntech grinder has the added benefit of looking great as well. It’s the sort of accessory that you would be happy to have out on a shelf in your kitchen, and is also a handy size so that if the recipient travels a lot, they can just throw it into their bag and have fresh coffee wherever they go.

It’s a gift that looks the part and does a great job. If they have never owned a coffee grinder, don’t be surprised (or offended) if they upgrade to an electric one – once you get used to fresh coffee every morning you won’t go back!

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Bean To Cup Coffee Machine – De’Longhi Magnifica

I have thought for a long time that a bean to cup coffee machine is one of the greatest gifts that you can give. Following on from the grinders de'longhi making two drinksthat we have just covered, what could be better than grinding your coffee beans in the same machine that brews it? You simply can’t get a fresher coffee.

The De’Longhi Magnifica makes tremendous coffee. You get full control over the size of your grind, and with the integrated milk wand, you can prepare your milk exactly how they do in your favourite coffee shop. It is very intuitive to operate – everything makes sense and you don’t need to keep referring back to the manual when you want to try something new.

It looks great, and measuring 23.8x34x43cm it is not a size that overwhelms a kitchen counter, which is something you should always consider when you are buying someone a gift – do they have room for it?

The best thing about it, though, is the price. It is one the most affordable bean to cup machines available, so that does make it a good option to buy someone as a gift. Ideally the recipient will live with you so that you can also get to use it every day!

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Denby Coffee Mugs

Denby 380048918

Denby 380048918 Elements 4 Piece Coffee/Beaker Mug Set, Grey However people make their coffee at home – espresso machine, filter coffee machine, cafetière etc – they need something nice to drink it out of. Here at Ideal Grind, we love Denby mugs.

Produced exclusively in Derbyshire, Denby mugs are incredibly durable and versatile, but most importantly, they are beautiful. This set of four coffee mugs is a great example of what they offer. They are hand-crafted and chip resistant in a classic light-grey colour. They will suit any kitchen and last for years. Plus, they are a decent size for pretty much any coffee.

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Denby 411046007

Denby 411046007 Studio Blue 2 Piece Ridged Mug Set For a bigger cup, give these a try. With a capacity for 400 ml, rather than 330 ml in the mugs above, these are great for people that make long coffees – especially in a filter coffee machine.

Available in white, black or, our favourite, blue, these stoneware mugs come with a 10 year guarantee. This emphasises how well made they are and gives you a lot of confidence as a buyer.

Denby mugs give you a really warm, cosy feeling. Perfect for a cold winter’s day, and they make a great gift.

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Judge Coffee Glasses

If Denby mugs represent the feeling of cosy comfort on a chilly, frosty morning then these Judge Coffee glasses focus on the style that is associated with the coffee industry.

Judge JDG25 Double Walled Glass Small Coffee Cups with Handle, Set of 2 Hollow Vacuum Sealed 75ml Espresso Cup, Hand Made, Heat Resistant, Dishwasher Safe Judge is a brand from the Horwood family – kitchenware specialists that have been in business since the 19th century. These glasses are ultra-modern, though, and capture all that is fun about making great coffee in your own home.

With a capacity of just 75 ml, these are espresso cups, but they are a perfect shape and size to really show off the fantastic crema that you can create with the modern espresso machines. There is nothing like sitting outside on a sunny day sipping from one of these – just taking a moment for yourself.

These are perfect for the espresso drinker in your life, and are great value as well. Great value for the quality and style that you get – whoever you give them to will probably assume that you have spent much more than you have on them!

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Coffee Scales – bemece

This is a gift for the true coffee connoisseur  – the coffee scales. This is a fantastic gift for the people that take a scientific approach to making their coffee, and want to ensure that they get the exact amount of coffee that they require for their perfect cup.

bemece Digital Coffee Scale with Timer, 3 kg/0.1 g High Precision Kitchen Food Scale Drip Espresso Scale with Back-Lit LED Display (Batteries Included) This will measure coffee to the nearest 0.1g – which should satisfy even the fussiest of coffee drinkers – and it even has an inbuilt timer so that you can time how long your coffee is brewing if you are using one of the more traditional methods such as a cafetière. You have everything that you need for full accuracy in your coffee making.

This is the sort of thing that you would give to a coffee lover in your life that wants to take their coffee making to the next level. They will be meticulous, and slightly fanatical, about their coffee, and not the sort of person that leaves anything to chance.

It is also very reasonably priced, so it won’t break the budget for a gift, and it doesn’t take up much room at all. If they stored it away in a cupboard when they are not using it, it really won’t take up too much space. I imagine you have already thought of someone that would enjoy this coffee gift…

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Retro Espresso Machine – Swan Espresso Machine

Sometimes you need to make a choice between style and functionality – but that is not the case with this incredible retro espresso machine from Swan. This is part of their ‘Nordic Collection’ utilising the soft wooden textures and neutral colours of Scandinavia.

Swan Espresso Machine, 15 Bars of Pressure, Milk Frother, 1.2L Tank, Scandi Style, SK22110GRYN, Nordic GreyIt goes without saying that this is a great-looking machine. The analogue dial makes a great centrepiece, and all the buttons and symbols have a smooth elegance to them. I love the colour, it perfectly complements the wooden effects and would look at home in almost any kitchen.

The key thing here though is that it also makes a great coffee – the milk frother means that you can really work the milk into the exact density and temperature that you need to make your perfect drink. The extraction of the coffee is also ideal – with 15 bars of pressure you have more than you’ll ever need to get the optimal amount of extraction.

This is a magnificent gift for someone that would like to start experimenting with making their own espressos, and that has a passion for the retro look. It’s a compact machine as well, so would be suitable for a small kitchen, or even an office. At the price, it won’t break the bank, but is a gift that the recipient will treasure for years to come.

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Latte Art Pen – CaLeQi 3 piece Set

One of the least expensive items on our list – the sort to consider if you have a very strict budget for what you can spend – maybe a Secret Santa present.

CaLeQi 3Pcs Barista Coffee Latte Decorating Art Pen Stainless Steel Household Kitchen ToolThis set of stainless steel latte art pens is a great gift for anyone that has an interest in creating beautiful drinks. The pens are high quality, made from stainless steel and polished to create a smooth finish. They are lightweight and really comfortable to hold – they are the perfect tool, they just need to be used by someone that knows what they are doing!

This is the sort of gift that you can get for someone that they will love, without ever thinking that they need one. The average coffee drinker, I’m sure, has never thought to themselves “I really need latte art pens”, but at the same time, give someone a pen and a frothy coffee and I’m sure almost all of us would have a go at creating something.

Isn’t that the sign of a great gift? A present that they didn’t know they wanted, but end up using all the time.

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Electric Milk Frother – PowerLix Milk Frother

Perhaps a gift to give in conjunction with the previous item? This handheld milk frother is a great gift for a novice coffee drinker, or perhaps PowerLix Milk Frother Handheld Whisk - Electric Milk Foamer with Stainless Steel Stand,15-20s,Powerful 19000rpm,Mini Drink Mixer Coffee Frother for Latte,Cappuccino,Hot Chocolate,Black Purple Ombre a student that is moving away from home for the first time and would love a decent coffee every morning.

The perception of handheld whisks is that they make an almighty racket when you use them, but this is a very quiet little device. You can happily use this first thing in the morning without risking waking up the entire house!

It is also very quick – it takes just 20 seconds to get a creamy froth, and as it is battery powered, you aren’t tethered to the plug sockets to make your drink. The speed and ease of use makes it a really good option for people that don’t have an integrated milk frother on their machine, especially for pod coffee machines. Fresh milk is always better than the milk pods that you can get.

It is also very reasonably priced, so a great option as a stocking filler, or a little ‘going away’ present.

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Reusable Coffee Cup – IDEUS Coffee Mug

In this day and age, everybody needs a decent reusable coffee mug. As a society, we use too many disposable cups, so by having a reusable one on us more often, we can drastically reduce the amount that gets used. It’s simply something that we’re all going to have to start doing.

IDEUS Coffee Mug 470ml (16oz), Double Wall Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Coffee & Tea Cup w/ Non-Slip Handle & Slider Module Lid & Large Volume (Snow Mountain White)That’s one reason why they make such a great gift. Another is that they can look great – like this from IDEUS. I love the shape of this, and it is available in so many different colours that I am certain that you will be able to find the perfect one for whoever you end up buying it for.

It’s versatile as well. You can have the lid on for travelling around and keeping it hot, but it also looks great as just an insulated mug. Ideal for a commuter who can pick up a coffee on their way into the office and then use it for the rest of the day when they get there.

The size is a big plus – at 16oz it is big enough to fit in most coffees, whereas some reusable coffee cups can be frustratingly small, which limits you on which drinks you can buy or make.

The IDEUS Coffee Mug would make a great gift – it has everything that you can ask for in a reusable coffee cup, and has that extra little bit of style and quality that really makes it stand out.

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Coffee Bean Roaster – YUCHENGTECH Coffee Bean Roaster

I review a lot of coffee and coffee equipment, and I have done so for years. It is not very often that I come across a type of product that I have never reviewed before, but that is exactly what happened when I came across this coffee bean roaster.

YUCHENGTECH Coffee Bean Roaster Home Coffee Roaster Machine Electric Coffee Roaster Household Coffee Roasting Machine 0-240℃ Temperature Adjustable 800g 220V There isn’t enough room in this article to go through every detail of this coffee roaster, but suffice to say it is a small oven-type unit in which you can roast coffee beans. You get to set the temperature (220℃ for a medium roast, 240℃ for an Italian roast etc), and let the roaster do its thing.

The unit itself has a 45° slope which makes it much easier to roll the coffee beans. There is also an automatic stirring rod, which slowly rotates to move the beans around so that you get an even roast.

It is highly versatile as well, you can use it to roast popcorn, peanuts, soybeans, sunflower seeds, dried fruits and other beans – so this is perfect for the type of person that tends to go the extra mile in the kitchen.

This really is the coffee gift for the person that has everything. There is a certain amount of novelty value here, as nobody really needs their own coffee bean roaster, but who wouldn’t be fascinated by the prospect of roasting their own beans?!

This is a great ideal gift for someone that would get a lot of use out of it. I think there are plenty of people that this would apply to, and if my family is reading this, I am one of them.

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Grow Your Own Coffee Plant – Gift Republic ‘Grow Me Coffee’

You’ve heard the phrase ‘From Bean To Cup’? Well, what about ‘From Seed to Bean to Cup’?

Gift Republic GR130003 Grow Me Coffee Lover, 12.0 cm*12.0 cm*12.0 cm This is the perfect stocking filler or Secret Santa present for anyone who likes coffee. First of all, it will fit almost any budget as it comes in at under £5. It’s a quirky little gift that will bring a little smile to the face of any recipient.

In the box you will receive a packet of seeds, a plant marker, a coconut husk starter plant pot and a coconut husk compost disc. This is everything you need to start growing your own coffee beans.

It should be noted that growing your own coffee beans is pretty tricky. You need to keep them somewhere dark and moist to encourage germination, and then somewhere light and warm once they sprout. Conditions in the UK aren’t ideal for coffee growing – which is why we import our coffee – but it is possible to get a plant growing.

This is a purely novel gift – you’ll get a nice little house plant and maybe one day a bean or two! But for the money I think it is a nice little gift for someone.

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French Press – Bodum Coffee Maker

There are few things that I love more than a long black coffee. Don’t get me wrong, I love the fancy coffees that we are now able to make in BODUM Kenya 8 Cup French Press Coffee Maker, Black, 1.0 l, 34 oz our homes – the cappuccinos and the lattes – but sometimes all I want is a nice, strong black coffee.

A French Press is one of the best ways to make this sort of coffee. It’s so simple, just put in your coffee and add hot water, then wait. Then, after a few minutes, you get the moment we all enjoy – slowly pushing down the plunger. Your drink is then ready. No paper filters, no power sockets – all you are left with is a delicious drink and coffee grounds that are great for your garden.

It’s such a wholesome, simple way to make coffee. This French Press is made by Bodum, one of the leading coffee product producers in the world. They use borosilicate glass which is heat resistant and durable. The frame will protect the surface from heat and it is completely dishwasher-safe.

The gift here isn’t the French Press – the gift is great coffee wherever they are, whenever they want it.

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Coffee Measure Spoon and Clip – The Urban Element

I think the ideal gift is something that the recipient would use frequently, but maybe wouldn’t think of buying themselves. That’s why I think 2 in 1 Wooden Coffee Scoop and Bag Clip - 1 Tablespoon Solid Beech Wood Measuring Scoop - Espresso Coffee Bags Sealer - Suitable for Ground Beans, Coffee Beans and Loose Tea - by The Urban Element this little wooden spoon and bag clip is such a good present.

It’s both simple and genius. We always bang on about how important it is to keep your coffee fresh – but sometimes the bags that coffee is packed in don’t do the job sufficiently. Many don’t seal back up once they are opened, so the freshness leaks out.

This little spoon is also a bag clip – you just fit it on to the opening of the bag and it will seal it up – no more risk of spilling coffee ground everywhere! Plus the spoon is incredibly handy. One scoop equals one tablespoon, so you simply load up your coffee maker and clip the bag back up – what could be simpler?

It’s a great present for people that use ground coffee on a regular basis – a gift that they will get plenty of use out of, not just shove in a drawer never to be seen again. And at under £10, it will fit in with most budgets.

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Coffee Of The World Set – The Brew Company

We’ve covered a lot of coffee-related products in this list of the best coffee gifts, but we haven’t included much coffee itself – so time to put that right with this great little gift selection box.

This is appealing for a few different reasons – first of all – it’s a handy letterbox size, which makes it ideal for sending to someone. It is presented beautifully, so there will be a Original Gourmet Coffee Gift Set for Men & Women – 10 of The World’s Finest Single Estate Specialty & Organic Coffees | Brew & Enjoy Anytime, Anywhere | Hamper Style Letterbox Gift Idea for Him & Hergenuine sense of excitement when someone receives it.

Next, you get some fantastic coffees from all over the world – Brazil, Ethiopia, Guatemala and many more. It’s a great way for people to develop their understanding of the differences between the coffee from these different regions.

The most novel thing about this gift though is the way you make the coffee – there are 10 individual bags for each coffee. To brew the coffee, you pour water directly into the bags and wait… When it has brewed for the required amount of time (between 4 and 8 minutes depending on how strong you want it), you simply pour it out using the spout on the side of the bag. It means you can drink your coffee anywhere.

It’s a great gift for people that are always on the go – either travelling for work or that enjoy the outdoors. They get to try a load of amazing coffees wherever they go.

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Coffee Recipe Book

The uninitiated may be thinking – why would anybody want a coffee recipe book? Well, they clearly don’t know how much they don’t know!

The Coffee Recipe Book: 50 Coffee and Espresso Drinks to Make at HomeThis book is packed full of, not just recipes, but also helpful little tips and hints that will help you make great coffees, and also get the most out of your coffee making equipment.

The truly great thing about this book is how versatile it is. There are recipes here that utilise all manner of different coffee making machines and equipment – pod machines, espresso makers, filter coffee machine, French Press. No matter how you make your coffee, there will be recipes in here for you.

You’ll find everything you need here to hone your barista skills – and as such it makes a great gift for anyone who wants to learn more about the art of making coffee – I am certain that there will be plenty that they didn’t know.

At the price, it makes a great option for a nice little stocking filler that the recipient will love.

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Vintage Coffee Poster

We complete our list of the best coffee gifts with this retro-style poster – a great gift for any coffee lover.

UEETEK 20x30cm Vintage Metal Tin Wall Sign Plaque Poster for Cafe Bar Pub Coffee Measuring 30 x 20 cm (A4 sized), this is a nice addition to the décor of a kitchen without being overbearing. The dark colour means that it will blend in with most styles and backgrounds. It’s made of metal, so it is durable, but it is also lightweight, so it is easily moved around.

The key bit though, is that it is a genuinely helpful poster! Even as someone who is very passionate about coffee I can get a little muddled with all the different types, so having many of them detailed there for me, in a handy place next to the espresso maker, means that I don’t have to worry when people ask me for a latte macchiato!

It’s a neat gift for anyone with an interest in coffee. It looks good and is genuinely helpful. At the price, it would fit most people’s budgets, so well worth your consideration.

We hope you have found our list of the best coffee gifts helpful, and that it has saved you a little stress! Thank you for reading.

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