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Find out our thoughts on this compact and stylish coffee pod machine in our Tassimo Bosch Vivy 2 review below.

Drinking a coffee from a pod coffee machine can be a great way to start the day.

For a start, they are very quick and simple. I’m not sure about you, but speed and simplicity are often qualities I need from my kitchen appliances (and family members) in the morning.

The other thing I desperately need most mornings is a decent cup of coffee.

So a pod coffee machine, which can often make a variety of different coffees within seconds, and at the touch of a button, is a very important thing in our house. It can really help a morning go smoothly, and help me to feel a bit more human no matter what chaos is going on around me which is one reason I was so happy to get my hands on a Tassimo Bosch Vivy 2.

I can wholeheartedly recommend that you have a pod machine in your kitchen or office. However, where people often find difficulty, is when it comes to deciding which one to buy. It’s a market that has exploded over the last five years or so, and now you have so much choice, not just between different makes and models, but also what type of pod you would like it to work with.

For the uninitiated, it can seem an absolute minefield, and it can be difficult to know where to start.

Well, start with us. We know what we’re doing, so we can set you off on the right track to get you off to the best possible start every morning.

Today, I am looking at the Bosch Vivy 2, which uses Tassimo pods and represents one of the cheapest products on the market. Let’s find out if this represents a bargain or another example of ‘you get what you pay for’ in our detailed Tassimo Bosch Vivy 2 review.

Tassimo Bosch Vivy 2 Specifications

TASSIMO Bosch Vivy 2 TAS1402GB Coffee Machine, 1300 Watt, 0.7 Litre - Black The first thing that strikes you when you see the Vivy 2 is that it is a small and stylish machine. Measuring just 34.4 x 28.4 x 20.6 cm, it creates a tiny ‘footprint’ on your kitchen counter top. More than that though, it looks fantastic – I just love the oval design coupled with the wide and inviting dispensing area at the front.

First impressions aren’t everything, of course, so what can it do? Well, as mentioned above, this machine exclusively uses Tassimo coffee pods, which is standard enough. Where it separates itself from the competition is the INTELLIBREW™ technology.

There is a barcode scanner built into the machine, which means that all you need to do is scan one of the coffee pods, and it will automatically calibrate the settings to suit whichever drink the pod is designed for. This means that it takes a matter of seconds to get set up to make your drink.

The compact size of the machine means that the water tank has only a 0.7l capacity. While this isn’t massive, it’s pretty standard for a machine in this sort of price range, and it will still provide you with enough water for 3 or 4 cups of coffee. The good news is that the water tank is incredibly easy to remove and refill, located just on the side of the machine and easy to slot in and out.

The water-bar pressure is just 3.3, which is quite low in general for a pod coffee, but don’t let that put you off as it is standard for a Tassimo pod machine, and is more than adequate to enable this machine to make a great tasting coffee.

The adjustable cup-stand means that you can create the ideal setup for whichever cup you are going to use – even your tall latte glass! It’s a handy feature that is often frustratingly overlooked by manufacturers.

In terms of cleaning, there is an automatic cleaning function built into the device. You also get a ‘cleaning disc’ included, which you insert when you activate the cleaning setting, which will then descale the machine.

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What It’s Like To Use The Tassimo Bosch Vivy 2

TASSIMO Bosch Vivy 2 TAS1402GB Coffee Machine, 1300 Watt, 0.7 Litre - Black I’m not sure if you’ve ever used a pod coffee machine before, but basically, they couldn’t be simpler to operate.  Well, at least, I thought that was the case until I got my hands on the Tassimo Bosch Vivy 2, which takes a simple process and makes it even simpler!

When you see that a machine can make over 70 different drinks, from your standard cappuccinos and macchiatos to the slightly less conventional chai lattes and even fruit teas, you could be forgiven for thinking that it might be slightly complex to operate.

The INTELLIBREW™ barcode technology, however, basically means that all you need to be able to do is insert the pod and press a button. From there, the correct amount of water, brewing time and the temperature will be calibrated automatically, and within seconds you will have your drink.

The advantage of a machine that uses Tassimo capsules, over many of the other brands, is that no matter what drink you want, you only need to press one button. You don’t need to worry about frothing milk for cappuccinos, or getting the right size/strength – just one button and you’re away.

Obviously you are in charge of making sure the water tank is filled with a sufficient amount of water – again this is easily done as the tank clips out of the side of the machine and back in again very easily.

The simplicity of the machine does limit your freedom to experiment with the drinks, but you can still top up drinks with hot water by pressing the button again once the drink has finished, if you like your drinks a little longer. You can also buy milk pods to add frothed milk to any drink.

In terms of cleaning, again, it couldn’t really be simpler. First of all, it will release some steam after each use, just to keep it clear. If a proper clean is required, a light will flash – all that you need to do is insert the yellow ‘T-disc’ which is provided with the machine, and then press the clean button. It will run through a quick clean and descale cycle, and then you are ready to go!

I think it is important to mention the pods themselves at this point. Tassimo pod machines are quite unique in that you can only use ‘official’ Tassimo pods in them. They are widely available, so this isn’t a major problem, but it does mean that you don’t have any ‘cheaper’ options. To be honest, the ‘cheaper’ options for other machines are often quite disappointing, but it is worth mentioning that you will have only the option to pay for the ‘official’ pods.

You should bear in mind that it is recommended that you clean it and wait 24 hours after setting it up before you use it – which is definitely frustrating, but as soon as it is good to go, there will be no stopping you.

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Vivy 2 Taste Test

TASSIMO Bosch Vivy 2 TAS1402GB Coffee Machine, 1300 Watt, 0.7 Litre - Black So we have established that the Tassimo Bosch Vivy 2 is incredibly easy to use, which is great, but let’s be honest, it’s the very least you expect from a Bosch machine. What it all ultimately comes down to is how your coffee tastes once you’ve made it.

It’s normally at this point in a review that I remind the reader that the reality is often that, however proficient the machine, your drink will only taste as good as the coffee you put into it.

Well, that’s not entirely relevant here. As I mentioned above, you are limited to the Tassimo pods, and they are all of a high standard, using leading brands for their different varieties (Costa, L’Or, Grand Mere and Jacobs to name a few, and even Milka, Cadbury, Oreo, Twinings for the non-coffee drinks). You know exactly what you’re going to get from these brands.

With this in mind, it’s hard to find a fault with the results from this machine. It works exactly how a pod coffee machine should – delivering quality coffee, quite literally, at the touch of a button.

Where it really separates itself from the competition, particularly the competition that uses a different make of pod, is that the more complex drinks are made perfectly every time – cappuccinos, caramel lattes, skinny lattes – you name it, you can make it, and at a standard pretty indistinguishable from the big coffee chains.

A nice benefit is the range of non-coffee drinks that you can make. My wife and children all really like hot chocolate, so to be able to justify another coffee machine on the kitchen counter is much easier when I can make them a “really tasty” hot chocolate!

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If you’re considering buying a pod coffee machine, it’s quite likely that you are interested in having a good quality cup of coffee in your home, that can be made quickly and easily.

In that case, I don’t think you will find a pod machine, in this price range, that can satisfy those needs any better than the Tassimo Bosch Vivy 2.

The ease of use is unparalleled – it has never been easier to make a, for example, cappuccino than it is with this machine. You don’t need to alter any settings, you can just put the pod in and press the button.

While the price of the individual pods can seem relatively expensive on the surface, you will quickly find that you are spending less on like-for-like coffees from the big chains, as you can make the same coffees at home at a much lower cost.  You won’t feel the need to pop into Costa on your way to work, as you’ll have the drink already in your travel mug!

I will say, though, that if you like experimenting with your coffee, then this machine may not be for you – the simplicity of the process doesn’t lend itself to much tinkering.

Similarly, if you prefer just a simple black coffee, then there are probably cheaper machines that can do this job for you, and you probably won’t go for a Tassimo friendly machine.

If you like a range of different drinks, though, or live in a house where people enjoy drinks other than coffee (imagine!) then you can’t go wrong with this machine. The ease of use and the speed mean that you can have whatever drink you fancy, exactly when you want it.

In this price range, I really don’t think the Tassimo Bosch Vivy 2 can be beaten.

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