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When it comes to finding the best Nespresso machines, we know what we are talking about. We absolutely love these little machines that have revolutionised how we drink coffee in our homes. No longer are we forced to spend thousands of pounds on huge machines to make a decent cup of coffee. Just slot in a little pod, press a button and hey presto.

The only problem is that there are so many different options available these days, it can be difficult to know exactly which one is right for you. And that is precisely where we can help. We have put in the man hours to create this list of the best Nespresso machines available today, so that you can decide exactly which one will be right for your needs. Let’s get straight into it.

Nespresso CitiZ

We’ll kick things off with a Nespresso machine that most people will see as the classic Nespresso machine – the CitiZ. They made the first iteration of the Nespresso CitiZ in 2009, before the pod coffee revolution had really taken hold – I’m sure most people in the UK have drunk a coffee made by a CitiZ at some point.

Nespresso CitiZ & Milk 11317 Coffee Machine by Magimix, Black They have been made by a few different manufacturers, but the one that we are going to be looking at today is made by MagiMix – one of the biggest names in kitchen appliances, best known for their food processors. The company was formed in Burgundy, France, in 1963, and has gradually grown to become one of the most recognisable brands in the world, loved by celebrity chefs.

One of the biggest appeals of the CitiZ has always been how compact the design is. This version measures just 13 x 27.7 x 37.2 cm so doesn’t take up much room on your kitchen counter – particularly important if you are short on space. The design is described as ‘Urban Smart’ which I quite like – it has a sophisticated sleekness to it, the stainless-steel offsetting the matt black finish. It’s a nice-looking machine that will fit snugly into any kitchen.

Crucially, though, it also makes great coffee. You know what you are going to get from a Nespresso machine in terms of coffee – that’s part of the appeal of the machines in general. They are consistent and easy to use. However, this CitiZ has an Aeroccino built into the side of the machine, so that you can easily and simply froth milk to go with your coffee – ideal if you like experimenting with different drinks.

This classic Nespresso machine is the perfect place to start our list as it basically does everything you need a coffee machine to do. It is priced in the middle of what we’ll look at today, so there is nothing to put you off there either. Use this as your base and see if you can beat it.

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Nespresso Creatista Plus

We’ll step things up a notch now with the Nespresso Creatista – the kind of machine that blurs the lines between pod coffee machines and espresso machines.

Sage – the British brand name for the Breville Group – produces this machine. Originally championed by Heston Blumenthal, who Nespresso Creatista Plus Coffee Machine by Sage, Capsule Espresso Machine, SNE800, Black Truffle collaborated with the company over many of its designs, Sage have become recognised as a high-end producer of kitchenware in this country, while the Breville name is well regarded all over the world.

As we praised the CitiZ for its diminutive size, we should do the same for the Creatista. Measuring 17.1 x 30.8 x 39.3 cm, this is a small machine considering its functionality. It is also a very attractive machine – the shine of the silver on the front of the machine, combined with the black block of the main body give it a look of strength and style. A machine you can trust and be proud to have out in your kitchen.

The look of this machine, while lovely, is not why you buy the Creatista, though – it’s all in the functionality. You get a great tasting coffee, as you would expect from a Nespresso machine, with a fantastic, rich crema. The steam wand is where it really gets interesting though…

It’s all automatic. You can select one of eight drinks (Ristretto, Espresso, Lungo, Cappuccino, Café Latte, Latte Macchiato, Flat White) from the user-friendly display, and the digital display will guide you through each stage. It will automatically calibrate the wand to prepare the milk in the best way for your preferred drink – all you need to do is put the milk into position. It even tells you when it needs cleaning.

As you would probably expect, this is one of the more expensive Nespresso machines on our list today, but it can do everything. It is the ultimate way to drink Nespresso pods, and well worth your consideration.

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Nespresso Vertuo Plus

From one of the most expensive to one of the least expensive now, as we look at the Vertuo Plus. This one is manufactured by Nespresso, so you would imagine they know exactly how to get the most out of their pods, wouldn’t you?

What is a bit different to this machine, compared to most of the others that we will look at on this list, is that this is designed to be used with the Nespresso Vertuo pods, rather than the standard Nespresso pods.

Nespresso Vertuo Plus Special Edition 11399 Coffee Machine by Magimix, Black There is a significant difference between the two. The Vertuo pods utilise ‘centrifusion technology’, which basically means that the pods are spun around at high speed (7,000 times a minute), which helps to transfer all of the flavours and aromas from the pod into your cup.

It also helps to produce an incredible crema, which has become something of a signature for the Vertuo pods – so thick and creamy.

As the Vertuo pods are exclusively made by Nespresso, unlike the original pods which can be made by anybody, they have been able to tailor their machines a little more. There is a ‘smart extraction system’ which will read a code on each pod and modify the extraction settings to suit the type of pod. The extraction is perfect every time.

These pods are best for classic coffee drinks – lungo, espressos etc. There is no milk frother with this machine, so if you are after drinks like lattes and cappuccinos, then you are probably better off with a different machine.

If you prefer just a great black coffee, though, this machine is perfect, and comes at a great price.

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Dualit Cafe Plus

A more traditional Nespresso machine now (if you can have a traditional version of something that didn’t exist 20 years ago…) as we look at the Cafe Plus from Dualit. Dualit is a British manufacturer of kitchen equipment, best known for their range of heavy-duty toasters.

They have built their reputation on producing well-built, quality products, and this Nespresso machine is exactly that.

Dualit Café Plus Coffee Capsule Machine - Nespresso Compatible Capsule Machine - Espresso and Lungo Functions - Tea Maker & Espresso Machine - 40 second start up time It’s a great-looking machine: simple, yet stylish. We really like the large interface in the front of the machine, it really gives it a unique look. It is very easy to use – press the coffee button once for an espresso-sized drink and twice for a lungo. They certainly aim it at people that just want to make a great tasting drink quickly and easily.

The Cafe Plus machine takes just 40 seconds to warm up from the moment you turn it on, using an ultra-fast thermobloc heating system, so there is no hanging around when you need that coffee!

Perhaps we should have expected this from a traditional British company, but this machine also makes tea. Now, we are a coffee company, and that is always our focus, but we should emphasise the dual usage of this Nespresso machine, as it may appeal to many households. There is a special tea button, which will serve the water at a much higher temperature, to make a perfect cup of tea. You can buy special Nespresso tea pods to use, but they only really work at a high temperature, so this machine is perfect for them.

There is no milk frother with this machine, which is reflected in the price – towards the lower end of the scale for Nespresso machines. It’s a solid machine that makes a great coffee and has the added bonus of making a decent cup of tea as well. That might be enough to convince you that this is the machine for you!

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Nespresso Inissia

Another Nespresso machine made by Magimix now as we look at the Nespresso Inissia. It intrigued us as to how they would make it significantly different to the CitiZ that we looked at above, as they both offer something similar in terms of the drinks that they make.

Straight away, we saw that the focus here was on making a compact, little Nespresso machine that would fit into almost any workspace. Measuring just 12 x 23 x 32 cm, this is a really tiny machine, just 12 centimetres wide. That’s shorter than a pencil!

Nespresso Inissia Coffee Machine, Black by Magimix It also comes fitted with an ergonomic handle. Now, at first, I didn’t really know what this was for – generally you don’t tend to lift a coffee machine too much when you have put it in position. But this isn’t a normal coffee machine – the handle seems to indicate that this is a semi-portable Nespresso machine. It is designed so that you can easily move it, or even take it from room to room.

Why would you want this? Maybe if you are working from home, you can move it between your kitchen and your office? If you buy one for an office, maybe you would want it in a meeting room, or reception area, as well as a break area? All I can say is, if you are in a situation where you might want to move your coffee machine, you will really struggle to find one as capable as the Nespresso Inissia.

Just to clarify, it also makes great coffee. Choose between espresso and lungo (you can modify the precise amount of water added to your coffee), and with just a 25 second warm-up time, your perfectly brewed coffee will be ready before you know it.

This version of the Inissia doesn’t come with an Aeroccino, so if you are more interested in milky coffees, you may want to consider a version that does include one, or buy a separate milk frother, which is another option.

In terms of price, this is in the lower-mid range, which is about right. It is absolutely ideal for people that are struggling for space or have a reason to move it around from place to place.

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Nespresso Vertuo Next

Now we have the Nespresso Vertuo Next, made by Krups. This is a German company that has been making kitchen appliances since 1846, when they started producing kitchen scales. They moved into food processors in the 1950s, before entering the domestic coffee market in 1979 when they produced a coffee grinder. They have worked closely with Nestlé since the 1990s on Nespresso machines, so they have a long history in this area.

Nespresso XN910N40 Vertuo Next Coffee Machine by Krups, Matt Black As you will have already noted from the total, this is another Vertuo Nespresso machine, so can only be used with the Vertuo pods. You get that same fantastic crema and rich flavour that you should expect from these kinds of pods.

You also get the same innovative brewing technology, so that each pod will be scanned and then brewed to the required settings – you don’t have to worry at all, just input the pod and press a button. It’s as easy as that to make a great coffee.

The Vertuo Next can be connected to your smartphone via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth – this is a bit of a gimmick but does have a practical use as well. Basically, you will be able to update your unit, as well as getting notifications when it is time to descale the machine.

What we really like about this unit is the sustainability aspect. There’s no getting away from the environmental impact of using coffee pods (we always recommend recycling where possible), but Krups have really looked for a solution here. Not only are Vertuo pods made from 80% recycled material, but the actual machine itself is made from 54% recycled plastic and is rated A+ for energy consumption. This is a great step towards a more sustainable way to use coffee pods, and one we applaud.

This machine also happens to be one of the cheapest on our list. It is great for people that want a decent, strong black coffee and also are environmentally conscious.

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Nespresso Creatista Uno

Our penultimate Nespresso machine may be ringing a few bells – we have already reviewed the sister product of the Creatista Uno above – the Creatista Plus. This version is also made by Sage, the British arm of the Breville Group, so let’s see how it measures up. (Spoiler – it made it onto our list of the Best Nespresso Machines, so you can safely assume we rate it highly!).

From the outset we should highlight that this is the budget option of the two – not cheap by any stretch of the imagination, but the Creatista Plus, as you would imagine from its name, is the premium option of the two. And you would pay three figures more for it, compared to the Creatista Uno – worth bearing in mind as we run through a comparison between the two.

Nespresso Creatista Uno by Sage, Black SesameThey have many similarities – both employ 19-bar pump pressure (generally seen as the optimum amount of pressure for Nespresso machines), and they both are exactly the same size (17.1 x 30.8 x 39.3 cm). Both have a 1.5L water tank, and both of them offer you 8 different drinks (ristretto, espresso, lungo, cappuccino, latte macchiato, café latte, milk froth and flat white).

The main difference between the two all comes down to how the milk is prepared. As we covered above, the Creatista Plus is fully automatic – you select your drink and the milk is tailor made for your beverage. With the Creatista Uno, you have a bit more responsibility, and control, for your drink. You are provided with a stainless-steel milk jug, which you fill up and hold in place as the milk froths to your required settings. You can create some fantastic latte art with this machine, if you are interested in learning how to do that.

For some people, this would seem like a burden, and they’d rather just press a button and have it ready-made. For others, though, having this little extra control is the gateway to getting their drinks exactly how they want them.

It depends what you want from your Nespresso machine. This would be a great option for many people that want to start getting into steaming their own milk – it’s semi-automated, so you are in safe hands, but you do have more control.

At the price, right in the middle of what we are looking at today, I think this is a really attractive Nespresso machine that is well worth your consideration.

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Nespresso Lattisima Touch

We complete our list of the best Nespresso machines available in the UK with the Latissima Touch – one of the most expensive coffee machines on our list, which immediately raises the level of expectation.

This is made by De’Longhi, one of the most globally recognised names in the coffee industry. The Italian domestic appliance giants have been making quality products for over 100 years, so, again, expectation was pretty high.

Needless to say, we weren’t disappointed. This is a fully automated Nespresso machine, making great coffee at the touch of a button. No faffing with milk, not Nespresso EN550.B Lattissima Touch Automatic Coffee Machine, Blackneed to calibrate settings, and having to wait. You press a button; you get your drink.

It’s so simple to use, you don’t even have to scroll through a menu to find the drink that you want – each of the six fully automated drinks have their own button. Ristretto, espresso, lungo, cappuccino, latte macchiato and warm milk froth with which you can create your own drinks if you want to. Of course, all of these are made with fresh milk – no capsule milk here. The milk container is detachable so you can keep it in the fridge when not in use.

There may be times, though, that you want to do a little more with your milk – take a little bit more control and learn how to froth milk like the pros. Well, De’Longhi have you covered there. There is a milk froth knob on the top of the machine that you can use to vary the texture and froth of the milk.

There is an intuitive descaling programme, which is triggered depending on the water hardness settings, and you are given a pluggable descaling pipe to make the process incredibly easy.

And that’s the key to all of this – ease. Nothing is complicated with the Lattisima Touch, it is all completely intuitive and simple. And the drinks are fantastic.

As we said, this is one of the most expensive machines on our list, but it does everything you could wish a Nespresso machine could do. It’s wonderful, and if it fits in your budget, I can’t think of a reason to put you off buying it.

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There are so many benefits to having a Nespresso machine in your life. The main one is ease and convenience – you can make some truly great coffees from those tiny pods, all at the press of a button. As you will have seen from the list above, that is only the start of it, though – a little, well-brewed espresso can lead to so many wonderful drinks.

What we hope we have provided you with is a broad selection of some of the best Nespresso machines so that you can check off what you are after and narrow down your search to find your perfect machine. There is plenty there for you to mull over – happy hunting!

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