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Emma Challoner-Miles is on hand to share her coffee machine expertise as she assesses this mid-to-premium level bean to cup coffee machine in our Jura E6 review…

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Ready for a refreshing morning cup of coffee? Instead of boiling the kettle and grabbing a jar of instant, why not treat yourself to a more luxurious beverage? Don’t worry, you don’t have to pull on your shoes and hike to the nearest coffee shop. Instead, you can simply invest in a Jura E6 15350 Bean to Cup Coffee Machine.

Whether you like a cup of coffee to get you moving in the morning, a lunchtime pick-me-up, or an evening wind down, a coffee machine can provide you with a fresh cup of coffee at home, any time you like.

There are plenty of coffee machines on the market, but in this review, we’ll find out more about the Jura E6 – a bean to cup coffee machine. We’ll take a look at the main features of the product and find out what you get for your money. Ready for a brew? Then let’s check it out with our Jura E6 review.

Jura E6 Specs And Features

The Jura E6 is piano black and has a sleek, contemporary look and feel. The coffee machine would look equally at home in a modern kitchen or office, gracing a worktop and tempting you to enjoy a cup.

Jura E6 15350 Bean to Cup Coffee Machine - Piano Black Let’s take a look at the dimensions – the coffee machine has a height of 34.6cm, width of 28cm, and depth of 44.4cm. It’s reminiscent of a compact microwave oven and should fit neatly onto the average work surface.

Take it out of the box and the Jura E6 weighs in at 9.8kg, not monstrously heavy, but robust enough to give you confidence that it’s not a flimsy piece of kit! There’s also a 65-111mm adjustable spout, which comes in handy for accurate pouring.

Jura claims they are all for setting the standard when it comes to simple operation. The TFT display facilitates user-friendliness and the buttons on the front of the machine (for milk, coffee, cappuccino, espresso, and foam) are positioned for easy access.

If you like the idea of making a speedy cup of coffee, the Jura E6 will suit you. You can even make a pair of espresso coffees at the same time, great if you’re making one for yourself and one for a friend (actually, forget that – just make two for yourself and enjoy both!).

Coffee Choice

What’s your poison? Are you a strong and bold espresso type or do you prefer a dreamy cup of frothy cappuccino? Or perhaps you enjoy a macchiato (an espresso coffee finished with steamed milk or foam). Alternatively, how about a latte macchiato (in case you’re interested the name refers to the espresso mark/stain on the milk).

Will you go for a lungo, an Italian-style coffee that’s short and black but has water added (giving you a bigger beverage). Or treat yourself to a doppio – a double espresso shot that’s enjoyed by coffee aficionados the world over.

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Water Quality

Water quality plays a big part in the superiority of your coffee. The Jura E6 uses the CLARIS Smart water filter to ensure quality and taste. The Intelligent Water System (I.W.S.®) links the coffee machine and water filter via RFID technology, so the presence of the filter is picked up automatically.

The I.W.S.® and filter work to ensure you get a tasty cup of Joe, preventing the build-up of limescale and removing nasties such as chlorine and traces of metal.


With a water tank capacity of 1.9L, the Jura E6 can provide you with two cups of your much-loved beverage.  There’s a bean capacity of 280g too.


No one wants to spend their precious time cleaning out a coffee machine when they could be drinking a cup of the black stuff instead. Thankfully the Jura E6 has integrated maintenance programmes, so you can rinse and clean easily by simply pressing a button.

The milk spout is dishwasher safe and can be replaced as and when you need it. This helps ensure your machine remains hygienic and your milky foam stays creamy and lush.

Powering Up

The Jura E6 features a wall plug-in (cable length of 1.1m) and boasts a voltage of 230 V and power of 1450 W.


If you want to achieve maximum taste from your coffee, you’ll need a machine with the right amount of bar pressure (ideally, you’re looking at between 9 and 15 bars for a great taste and worthy crema). The Jura E6 boasts a bar pressure of 15, so you’re assured of a superior coffee.

Using The Jura E6

Everyone knows it’s all about the prep when you’re making a great-tasting cup of coffee. Jura doesn’t believe in messing around or taking Jura E6 15350 Bean to Cup Coffee Machine - Piano Black chances with their brew, that’s why they’ve worked hard to come up with a machine that does its best to perfect the brewing process. The E6 creates specialty coffees that taste like they’ve come straight from your local coffee shop, so you can be your own barista!

The Jura E6 espresso brewing process is unique and uses something known as The Pulse Extraction Process (P.E.P). This one-of-a-kind process enhances extraction time and assures a pleasurable aroma every single time.

We’ve already mentioned the intelligent water system, and this, combined with the pulse extraction process, provides you with a great coffee. To illustrate, in making the perfect short espresso, the Jura E6 pushes hot water through the ground coffee in stages, allowing the essence to develop and the coffee to brew to perfection.

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Features Recap

The Jura E6 clearly has a lot to offer, so allow us to provide a quick recap to make sure we haven’t missed anything:

  • Pulse extraction process (PEP) for enhanced extraction time
  • Aroma preservation cover for pleasurable coffee smells
  • Effective preheating
  • Drip-tray for less mess and spills
  • AromaG3 Grinder (Multi-level)
  • Intelligent water system featuring CLARIS smart water filter
  • Jura Fine Foam Milk Technology
  • Thermoblock heating system
  • A choice of specialty coffees
  • Wireless ready (sold separately).
  • Energy Save Mode (E.S.M)
  • 25-month guarantee
  • Integrated rinsing, cleaning plus descaling for milk system.

Where Should I Use The Jura E6?

This versatile coffee machine can be used in several places. Use it at home and enjoy a morning espresso first thing to wake you up. Sip a lunchtime cappuccino as you take a breather from your day, or treat yourself to a late afternoon latte macchiato once you’ve put your feet up.

The Jura E6 is equally comfortable perched at your workplace. What better way to lift the spirits of your employees (and yourself) by investing in a quality coffee machine? Coffee is known for enhancing productivity and combatting the post-lunch slump.

Jura S8 Vs Jura E6

Jura is known for its bean-to-cup coffee machines. The Jura S8 automatic coffee machine became a big hit with coffee lovers but its price made it unobtainable for some. Step forth the Jura E6, a more affordable machine with a host of funky features.

The Pros And Cons Of The Jura E6

We’ve looked at the main features of the Jura E6, so now let’s find out what’s good (and not so good) about this particular coffee machine.


  • Makes fresh tasting coffee
  • Easy to use
  • Versatile
  • Quick and efficient
  • Quiet
  • Aesthetically pleasing


  • Does not use pods or pre-ground coffee
  • Milk frother may not be up to coffee shop standard
  • There may not be enough drinks options for some

What’s Hot?

There’s no arguing the Jura E6 makes an exceptionally tasty cup of coffee. You can enjoy a smooth, velvety beverage that boasts an impressive crema. We must also give a round of applause to the Pulse Extraction Process. The P.E.P promotes a deep, rich taste that tickles your taste buds.

Jura E6 15350 Bean to Cup Coffee Machine - Piano Black We also like the fact that the Jura E6 is designed with simplicity in mind, after all, making a good cup of coffee shouldn’t be rocket science. The display screen features simple-to-use buttons. The machine is versatile too, so you can make a cup of coffee according to your particular tastes. Adjust the settings to get perfect strength, sit back and enjoy.

You won’t have to wait hours for your coffee (thank goodness, as mornings are bad enough as it is!). The Jura E6 performs its magic quickly and efficiently. Perfect when you have a busy day ahead. We’re also putting a tick in the “noise” box, as, unlike some coffee machines, the Jura E6 is relatively quiet. You won’t get a distractingly loud hum as it goes about its business.

The stylish good looks of the Jura E6 gain it a few points too, the product is sleek and chic, so it will sit handsomely on your kitchen worktop. Features-wise there’s plenty to celebrate, such as the burr grinder, which makes light work of prepping your coffee – expect a decent grind every time.

The water tank and bean hopper are worthy of a mention too. Both have a large enough capacity to ensure coffee making is a pleasure rather than a chore. Of all the good points, the best has to be that the Jura E6 can actually get to know you! Simply set the machine to produce your much-loved coffee at the touch of a button – your own personal coffee buddy on standby at all times – lovely!

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What’s Not So Hot?

As with most products, there are advantages and disadvantages, and we wouldn’t be doing our job if we didn’t point out what’s not so hot regarding the Jura E6. Aesthetically the Jura E6 is easy on the eye, but the casing could be a little chicer. The plastic casing gets points for functionality but there’s always room for added style.

As for performance, we are suitably impressed but there are a couple of points. First off, it’s worth noting you won’t be able to use pods or pre-ground coffee in the Jura E6. Also, you should be aware that the bean hopper can be used for normal coffee or decaffeinated, but you can’t switch between the two types.

Jura E6 15350 Bean to Cup Coffee Machine - Piano Black We appreciate the addition of the milk frother (which does its job adequately), but the results aren’t quite as impressive as those you would get from a coffee shop brew.

This didn’t bother me, but it’s something to keep in mind if you’re a bit picky about your froth!

On a final note, although there’s a range of coffees to choose from, some might suggest it’s rather limited compared to some machines. You don’t get an extensive menu, but you won’t be disappointed by the coffees on offer.

Bean to Cup Vs Traditional Coffee Machines

If you like the idea of a fully automated machine you can operate by simply pressing a button, the bean-to-cup machine will suit you. These versatile and hard-working contraptions combine grinders, coffee machines, and baristas into one for a one-stop coffee hit. The beans are ground as and when you want them, ensuring they are as fresh and tasty as possible. The coffee is extracted and the milk is steamed and poured.

Traditional coffee machines also provide refreshingly good coffee, but they are usually used by skilled baristas who are well-versed in extracting coffee from grounds. You don’t need the same amount of finesse to use a bean-to-cup machine, a quick demo or read of the instruction manual should give you the insight needed to get a handle on the operation.

Why Choose a Bean to Cup Machine?

If you are edging toward purchasing a new bean-to-cup coffee machine, good for you! There are plenty of plusses in investing in all-singing, all-dancing gadgets that produce impressive coffees.

Coffee making might be described as an art form, but it shouldn’t be hard work to make yourself a cup of something tasty. Thankfully, bean-to-cup machines are simple to use. By pressing a button or two you can enjoy sipping a steaming mug of the black stuff whenever you like.

Fresh coffee provides oodles of taste – whether you’re a coffee aficionado or just someone who enjoys a midday beverage, why compromise? A bean-to-cup machine locks in essence, so you can enjoy every drop.

Bean-to-cup machines are also convenient and speedy. Just a few button presses will provide you with a coffee. There are advanced machines on the market, some of which may take a little practise to perfect, but once you’ve got going you will be fine.


Bean-to-cup machines have grown in popularity over recent times. They can be pricier than capsule coffee machines, but the good news is you won’t need to buy expensive pods to make yourself a brew.

The machine has a lot going for it, from its modish good looks to its range of features, including the cutting-edge pulse extraction process P.E.P and the intelligent water system, both ensuring the Jura E6 provides you with an impressive beverage.

Although some bean-to-cup machines can be on the large side, and also noticeably noisy when grinding coffee beans, the Jura E6 is not.

All-in-all, the Jura E6 seems to be a good, affordable option. Whether you’re a coffee expert, or you just enjoy a relaxing beverage, this could be the perfect coffee machine for you.

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